On Dec 19, 2022, NodeReal joined the Aptos Move Monday Session to share our building experience with Aptos since day 0. Early this year, we announced our partnership with Aptos. It is a great experience for us to witness Aptos growing rapidly by bringing a unique and developer-friendly environment for seamless building, innovators and creators.

Q1: Can you introduce Who is NodeReal ?

Jimmy: Hello everyone. I am Jimmy, Senior Solution Architect of NodeReal. Thanks a lot for having me here. It is our pleasure to join Aptos Move Monday Session. NodeReal has been involved with the development of Aptos since day 0. I'd like to take this opportunity to share with you our story.

NodeReal is a one-stop infrastructure and professional service provider for Web3 developers. We collaborate with Aptos and other communities, like BNB Chain and Ethereum to build the best-in-class solutions and technologies to simplify Web3 development. First, like Aptos, we provide the standard API service that is fast, reliable and scalable for users. They can choose our free or premium node service to start their development on the Aptos.

We partner with Top DApp and Platforms to support the Aptos ecosystem, like CoinMarketCap(CMC), Pancake Swap, Coingecko, and Coin98. These teams are powered by NodeReal Aptos node service and also the tracemove explorer of Aptos, so that users can get the best-in-class user experience on Aptos chain.

Q2: Do you want to share the reason Why NodeReal supports Aptos since day 0?  And what is the challenge for NodeReal to build on Aptos?

Jimmy: First of all, We shared the same mission with Aptos. Our goal is to make the Web3 mass adoption possible and simple. Secondly, Aptos is based on the Move programming language, in which safety and correctness are paramount, and it is also critical for mass adoption. Thirdly, Aptos targets to provide the amazing 100,000 TPS which is very critical for mass adoption. This is also what we are targeting.

As we know, we are facing the challenges of mass adoption, such as,

  • The node service, which is the access layer of blockchain, is not fast enough and is hard to scale when the business grows.
  • The data indexing services are expensive and difficult to maintain.
  • How to keep the network secure is becoming more and more complex
  • Running a validator requires big hardware investment and effort.

NodeReal aims to provide a one-stop infrastructure technical solution for Web3 developers so that they can focus on their business logic instead of spending time building and maintaining the infrastructure layer. Our product and services are designed with these challenges in mind. We always consider how to make the blockchain accessible for most of our customers and developers. I will introduce how each product can make the mass adoption of blockchain possible.

Q3: How NodeReal can contribute to Aptos Ecosystem?

Jimmy:  We hope to offer a one-stop infrastructure solution for developers who want to build on Aptos.  It includes not only Node and API service but also offers Aptos blockchain explorer - Tracemove. It is all free for early Aptos builders to use. We want to show our determination and professionalism to increase developer experience on Aptos.

Node Service

Aptos node service is based on our flagship product of Meganode, which adopts the cloud-native architecture and has flattened the on-chain data which could provide fast and reliable service compared with full nodes.

MegaNode is NodeReal's flagship product that can provide the scalability and reliability of the access point of blockchains. Unlike a full node, MegaNode uses our high speed real-time data pipeline to synchronise with blockchains and the data is saved into a global database. Our backend services, which are deployed in the cloud and serve the traffic in the architecture of microservices, could scale when the traffic has a spike. Our design is for mass adoption, especially for developers who want to focus on business logic. We can handle the infrastructure part for Web3 developers.

Enhanced API

Besides the standard API service, we provide the developer tools like explorer and enhanced APIs, that will allow developers to avoid the complexities of data indexing and maintenance.

Aptos Explorer

TraceMove explorer is the Aptos explorer product we provide to developers and users of Aptos. It is one of the most comprehensive Aptos explorers, and users are able to view the on-chain data easily, and the assets like tokens and NFT information can also be viewed on the TraceMove.

Q4: Besides the Aptos support, What else does NodeReal provide for the web3 developers?

API Marketplace (Open Platform)

We work together with our customers to build an open API marketplace with the hope to adopt the openness of the Web3 ecosystem. This is gaining popularity now, as more and more partners and developers are working with us to provide the best-in-class APIs to the users.  

And also we accept more and more developers who can upload their API into our API marketplace.  This is an idea we want to share with the community, we want to build a platform for all developers who can use, play and earn.

One-stop Blockchain solution

We are providing professional services for teams, companies, and even enterprises to make Web3 adoption easier.

Currently, the Application chains are one of our focus, we build solutions of Optimistic Rollup, ZKBNB rollup, and also Application Side Chains. We have been working together with the Gamefi partners, like FNCY of Netmarble to help them build their token economy, a reliable and highly configurable chain platform so that game studios of FNCY are able to build on top of the application chain.

At the same time, we are also working with other partners in the GameFi industry to boost the mass adoption of Web3 by roll-up solutions.  We also work together with other industry partners to build industry-specific solutions, like Defi and Web2 giant to make the Web3 technology real. For details, you can view our solution page. We will share more details with our community soon.

Our professional service team will work together with our partners from the day1 of their project, the process consists of four steps. Which are listed below.

Step1 Consulting

Step2 Designing

Step3 Developing 

Step4 Operation


Business Analysis 


Tokenomic Design


Blockchain Development


Operation Support

Provide Solution for Enterprise Customers to help them step from Web2 to Web3

Utility your own native token to design your customized tokenomic

Modularized Based Customization , AppChain, RPC, Enhance API , all lever product for enterprise customer to build Web3

Testnet & Mainnet  Dev& Performance Testing

NodeReal provides exceptional operation support and works together with the project team on testing.

Q5: What is NodeReal’s Next Plan?

Jimmy:  From our product side, I think I shared a lot of info before.I hope to hear feedback from the Aptos community as well. Because we want to work closely with developers and all the work we do is to boost Aptos ecosystem. For the Marketing side, we got an invite from Aptos to join the first Aptos Hackathon in Korea. We are looking forward to having more chance to talk and meet the Aptos community there. For us, we already aligned with Aptos team to add more value-added services to  the ecosystem, Such as Aptos project analysis report based on TraceMove data etc. We hope it could help community members build and know the Aptos ecosystem more with the services we provide.

About NodeReal

NodeReal is a one-stop blockchain infrastructure and service provider that embraces the high-speed blockchain era and empowers developers by “Make your Web3 Real”. We provide scalable, reliable, and efficient blockchain solutions for everyone, aiming to support the adoption, growth, and long-term success of the Web3 ecosystem.

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