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PancakeSwap GraphQL v2 (Premium)
Lens API Toolkit
Wallet Toolkit
Fungible Tokens-ETH
Ethereum RPC
Aptos Node API
Polygon RPC
Optimism RPC
Arbitrum Nova RPC
Arbitrum Nitro RPC
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Wanna retrieve PancakeSwap v2 data from BSC? Try our GraphQL package to index everything you need.
SPACE ID is a universal name service network that seamlessly connects people, information, assets, and applications in BNB Chain ecosystem.
NFTScan is an NFT data infrastructure.
Streamline your blockchain development with Covalent's Lens API Toolkit. Turn complex wallet addresses into manageable Lens handles, and easily query user balances, transactions, NFT holdings and more. A straightforward solution for your blockchain needs.
Build wallets in no time with Covalent's Wallet Toolkit for 100+ Blockchains. Query wallet token balances, NFT holdings, transaction histories, and more across an extensive range of blockchains. Enhance your application with reliable, unified data, with only a few lines of code.
While acquiring NFT data is complex, our NFT API makes it easy to retrieve the NFTs you're looking for and their metadata in a more straightforward and faster way.
Stop wasting time looking up tokens, try our Fungible Tokens API package right now to save your precious time.
Our industry-leading BSC RPC nodes & APIs enable developers to access BNB Smart Chain (BSC) with high-performance infrastructure. Try our RPC endpoints for free now.
Build your dApps with the leading-industry Ethereum RPC nodes and APIs you can find in the Web3 world. Start to try our ETH RPC endpoints for free.
Powerful node infrastructure and RESTful APIs are provided for all Aptos developers on our platform. Start to try our Aptos endpoints for free.
Our industry-leading opBNB RPC nodes & APIs enable developers to access the opBNB Chain with high-performance infrastructure. Try our RPC endpoints for free now.
Build your dApps with the leading-industry Polygon mainnet RPC nodes and APIs you can find in the Web3 world. Start to try our Polygon RPC endpoints for free.
Optimism is a low-cost and lightning-fast Ethereum L2 blockchain.
Arbitrum Nova is an AnyTrust chain that aims for ultra low transaction fees. Nova differs from Arbitrum One by not posting transaction data on chain, but to Data Availability Committee.
Arbitrum Nitro is a second-generation Layer 2 blockchain protocol. It provides high throughput, fast finality, and efficient dispute resolution.

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Case Studies



FNCY builds up a platform and infrastructure that continues to evolve to build trust-based, scalable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use applications.
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Project Twelve (P12)

Project Twelve (P12)

To build a complete infrastructure and a set of toolings to empower the next billions of Web3 Game Creators while ensuring a sustainable game economy through the implementation of economic and governmental mechanisms.
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Build the largest SBT (Soulbound Tokens) ecosystem with Galxe.
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More Cases
We are excited to add NodeReal’s data capabilities to enhance Certik Skynet’s data access across various platforms.
Kayvon Hosseini
Kayvon Hosseini
Skynet Product Lead at CertiK
We needed and asked for a lot of customization from the NodeReal team, and found that they already had a really good tool set.
Business Development Lead at FNCY
Powerful and trustworthy infrastructure have always been crucially needed by every new startup in Web3. We hope we can empower many teams and projects in the Dora community by connecting them with reliable partners like NodeReal.
Steve Ngok
Steve Ngok
Partner of DoraHacks
In our journey of building one of the largest web3 credential data networks, we’re glad to have NodeReal as our partner to ensure we are prepared for mass adoption, across different chains.
Charles Wayn
Charles Wayn
Co-Founder of Project Galaxy
Coin98 paves the way for sustainability and contributes to the journey of Web3 widespread adoption with the integration of NodeReal's scalable, dependable, and efficient blockchain solutions.
Vinh The Nguyen
Vinh The Nguyen
CEO & Co-Founder of Coin98
NodeReal speeds up data indexing in Ethereum and BNB Chain hundreds of times.
Fei Liu
Fei Liu
CTO of Litentry
ABGACointelegraphTechinasiaBinance researchdecential


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