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30 Jun - 22 Jul

Aptos Incentivize Testnet 2 (AIT 2)

30 Aug

Aptos Incentivize Testnet 3 (AIT3)


Aptos Fullnode REST API MVP

End of Sep

TraceMove MVP Launch


End of Oct

TraceMove v1.0 Launch


Fullnode REST API v1.0


Aptos incentivize Testnet 4 (AIT4)

End of Oct

MegaNode for Aptos

End of Dec

TraceMove v2.0 Launch

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MegaNode for Aptos

MegaNode for Aptos

  • Built-in APIs allow you to make the best data-informed decisions on Aptos
  • Programmatically query and invoke chain code transactions
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  • Powerful features for developers
  • Warnings of security details of modules/tokens to help users avoid transaction risks
  • Better mobile-end experience
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Enhanced API

Enhanced API

  • Best in class API services to ensure accuracy, scalability and high-availability for developers built on Aptos
  • Get all the information you need for transactions, token information and more in seconds

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Aptos FAQ

Quick facts about Aptos

What is Aptos?

Aptos is the proof-of-stake Layer 1 blockchain utilising key elements of Diem - the former Meta blockchain and Move, a Rust-based programming language developed by Meta. Aptos aims to build a safe, scalable, and upgradable foundation for Web3.

Who are behind Aptos?

Aptos boasts a diverse team of more than 40 consisting of researchers, designers, scientists led by Mo Shaikh (CEO) – Formerly Head of Partnerships at Meta and Avery Ching (CTO) – Formerly Principal Software Engineer at Meta, where he directly led Diem, Meta-first blockchain project.

Does Aptos have a coin?

Aptos does not have a coin as of now and their ICO date has yet to be announced.

Is there a Whitepaper of Aptos?

The team published their White Paper on 11th August 2022 on their Github

What is Move?

Move is the main programming language on Aptos which was initially developed at Meta to provide security and scalability for Diem. Accounts, transaction fees, a standard library, validator node management, and configuration on Aptos will be all implemented with Move.

Is Aptos funded?

Aptos has raised a total of $350 million in this year with the first Seed Round in March which was led by a16z at $200 million and the Series A in July led by Jump Crypto and FTX Ventures at $150 million. As of now, Aptos Labs has the total of 22 investors.

What is Aptos Testnet?

Aptos has an incentivized testnet program (AIT) where the Aptos team welcomes community members to help with testing. Aptos has so far launched two successful AIT (AIT 1 & AIT2) and it is currently gearing up for AIT 3 which is expected to be launched around late August 2022.

How many projects are there right now on Aptos Ecosystem?

While the Aptos mainnet is expected to be launched around the end of Q3 2022, it has attracted a very active group of developers and enterprises to build and test on the network. Aptos currently has more than 100 projects with around 47 projects listed. DEX, Wallet, and NFTs are three leading categories for projects listed on the network. Check out this website:

How many transactions can Aptos execute per second?

Aptos is still in testnet phase, however, in an ideal condition it is capable of completing 100,000 transactions per second and it is planning to execute 100,000 plus in the future.

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