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Use Case


NodeReal is a partner that extends the reach of our PancakeSwap API into the Web3 API Marketplace. We are excited to deepen our partnership with NodeReal to bring a new and easier way for developers to retrieve our data into their applications.

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Infinite Possibility

Infinite Possibility

We encourage all Web3 developers to contribute to our Open Marketplace and share new ideas to our community.

High Performance

High Performance

Super fast with the latest data, scalability and 99.9%+ uptime to serve millions of users and high query per second.



Easily integrate as many chains as possible and support all potential Web3 customers in different blockchain ecosystems.

Wanna contribute to our Open Marketplace ?

Wanna contribute to our
Open Marketplace ?

You have an idea for an API.

You must be an experienced developer in Web3 world! Do you have a creative idea to better retrieve or utilize data from blockchains?

Please reach out to us now!

You came to the right place! We can help you reach developers all around Web3 world. Please contact us for further collaboration!

What will you get in return?

For one thing, we can help you reach developers much more easily and expand your influence within the Web3 ecosystem.
For another, we will bring you considerable compensation through our customers’ continuous API subscriptions. STAY TUNED!