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Quick facts about NodeReal API Marketplace

Who can be an API provider?

Anyone who has the capability to create and deploy an API to better retrieve or utilize data from blockchains could be a provider. No matter you are an independent developer or a company, we welcome all interesting ideas. Your applications will be reviewed and accepted by our team if they meet the requirements.

What should you do to become an API provider?

You need to have your API documentation ready and submit your application from this page. Then, we'll schedule a video meeting with you to talk about the API details and business options with you. After that, we'll get to the technical details of your APIs and have a more clear timeline for listing your APIs.

What does the API package mean?

To provide our customers with more complete and professional solutions, we recommend our developers to combine several independent but functionally-related APIs into one API package and sell the API package as a whole.

How will the monthly subscription fees be determined?

You, as the API provider, will decide on pricing. You will set a target monthly subscription price for your API packages(each includes several APIs) and NodeReal would suggest changes to increase sales or for marketing purposes.

What's the duration of the free trial?

We will enable a free-trial period for all developers’ API packages, which will last for one month. Once the free-trial period ends, we'll put your API package into the Premium category and start charging our customers for requesting the included APIs of your API packages.

How much will you get as the API provider?

You, as the API developer, will get XX%(we'll decide it offline) share of the total subscription revenue within 30 days of the end of each calendar month.

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You came to the right place! We can help you reach developers all over the Web3 world.