Designing to become Layer 1 for Mass Adoption, Aptos is spearheading so far with its world-class speed. With the shared mission and vision, NodeReal and Aptos are a match made in heaven - The Fastest Network meets the Fastest Node Infrastructure.  

In this series of Blogs, we will dive deep into Aptos and see how Aptos is gearing up to become the safest and most production-ready blockchain in the world with the help of NodeReal.

Initial Traction

Aptos introduced its Genesis to the world earlier this year and has already attracted a large amount of attention from the media, thanks to its impressive Seed and Series A funding round with a total of $350 million from 24 investors. Aptos has also been very focused and dedicated to driving its community growth. There is a track record of Aptos delivering on its community-driven focus so far:

With that, Aptos has achieved:

Aptos is currently possessing an industry-leading transaction-per-second (TPS) and time-to-finality (TTF) while still remaining in its testnet development phase. TTF is less than a second and the TPS level stands at 160,000 per second which is rather extraordinary for an L1 blockchain at this stage.

Below is a quick comparison between Aptos and other Layer-1 chains:

Source: Pontem Network

NodeReal X Aptos: The Fastest meets the Fastest

In the pursuit of Web3 mass adoption, it is never a one-man show. Aptos needs a partner who has the most reliable and trustworthy node infrastructure in place. NodeReal stands out as not only the fastest API provider but also the most stable. And when the fastest meets with the fastest, a fruitful partnership is bound to happen.

NodeReal is already a reputable Validator for the BNB chain and is actively joining Aptos Testnet now. NodeReal is amongst the top validators so far in both Aptos AIT1 and AIT2 and is also aiming to become a top validator on Aptos mainnet this Autumn.

(Image from AIT 2 results)

NodeReal’s flagship product - MegaNode, with its best-in-class support, is a solid infrastructure provider for the Aptos ever-growing dapp ecosystem. MegaNode provides the fastest & most reliable RPC/Archive and API service for BNBChain, Ethereum, and Polygon allowing developers to explore the latest and historical data of the blockchains in a split second. NodeReal Node Service is the only provider worldwide that has experienced and successfully supported 2M Daily Active Users (DAU) with >700K QPS (query per second) during the peak time of BNBChain.

Nodereal will provide full node services to supercharge Aptos Infrastructure. Developers in the Aptos ecosystem will have an enjoyable experience with MegaNode where they will focus more on what makes a great Aptos app while leaving the burden of handling infrastructure behind. Currently, NodeReal already provided full node service for Aptos DevNet. (https://aptos-devnet.nodereal.io/v1).

Below is the network configuration defined in the Aptos Wallet.

Through innovative approaches, indexing and querying data from multichain will also be made easy and available with NodeReal’s MegaNode. NodeReal will also plan to develop a dedicated network explorer to help developers navigate the constantly growing Aptos Ecosystem.  

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