On June 17, 2022, we held our first Discord AMA where Ron Cao, Founding Partner of Sky9 Capital (lead investor of our $16M Series A Round), and Ben Chang, COO of NodeReal had a deep conversation and shared a lot of valuable insights on Web3.

Thanks all of you who joined the AMA. We are glad to have you there! For those who have missed it, don’t worry, here are the highlights!

Q1:  Hi Ron and Ben, can you please introduce yourself and your background?

Ron Cao: Hello everyone. I'm Ron, I am the Founding Partner of Sky9 Capital. Sky9 has been a venture capital firm for many years. We’re based in Singapore. We've done a lot of work over the last 10 years in the internet and technology space. And now it's all called Web2, I guess. Haha.

We've been involved with the development of Web3, from the early days of 2013. One of the key things about Web3 is that it's not only decentralized, but the teams, the way companies are consulting, organized, are very decentralized, and very global. As a venture fund that focuses on this area, we are operating in a very global mindset and resources to help our portfolio. Currently, we run five sets of funds and manage around $2 billion in AUM.

Ben Chang: Hello everyone. This is Ben, I am the COO of NodeReal. First of all, many thanks to Ron for joining our AMA. Really appreciate your support over the past several months where we had lots of discussions and finally, you really supported us in the Series A round.

A quick introduction about NodeReal. We are a one-stop infrastructure and service provider for the high-speed blockchain era. We provide scalable, reliable, and efficient blockchain solutions for everyone, and aim to support the massive adoption, growth, and long-term success of the Web3 ecosystem.

Q2: Hi Ben, can you tell us a little bit more about how you first got involved with Web3, and what’s the inspiration behind NodeReal?

Ben: Sure, happy to elaborate a bit more. NodeReal was established in Singapore, in Sep 2021. Before that, my team and I spent a lot of time on the high-performance Layer 1 protocols, especially the high-performance blockchain with more than 1 million daily active users and super high transaction volumes.

Web3 ecosystem has made huge progress compared to two years ago. Both the number of active users and dApps are growing dramatically, for example, in BNB Chain, Polygon, and Solana, which brings huge demand for RPC, archive service, and enhanced APIs. We realized there is a huge potential in this area and so we made the decision to set up a new company that is meant to support the massive growth in the blockchain era.

Now we are building a global team with more than 60 people from all over the world, including Europe, Asia, and the US. And we continue to search for talents in this field because we are dedicated to empowering the overall Web3 ecosystem through our high-performance services.

Q3: Hi Ron, can you briefly explain why Sky9 Capital made the decision to invest in NodeReal?

Ron Cao: Sure thing. Sky9 did lots of research on the technology space over the last 10 years. We’re looking for projects that hold a strong strength in technology with a global team. That is the main reason we noticed NodeReal who has a clear aim and all its members have full experience in Web3, especially in the infrastructure field. The NodeReal team come from veteran positions at BNB Chain, Morgan Stanley, AWS, Microsoft, Alibaba, etc, which is very impressive.

Q4: Hi Ben, can you tell us the next step for NodeReal?

Ben Chang:  At NodeReal, we spent 9 months launching our flagship product – MegaNode. Making sure we provide high-performance services took a lot of effort. Based on the user feedback and our performance testing result, MegaNode is now the fastest node provider for BNBChain and Ethereum in this market. We outperformed our competitors in several aspects, such as lower latency, higher QPS, and higher scalability, response time always within milliseconds.

Another thing to mention is that we just launched a platform named Semita, a BAAS (Blockchain as a service), to provide a one-stop trustworthy, scalable blockchain platform for business, allowing developers to run high-performance projects on BNB Sidechain easily. As I just mentioned, my team previously contributed to Layer 1 protocols, and we know core blockchain very well. That’s why we are able to build this one.

The Web3 trend is still ongoing and we believe it’s not unstoppable. Going forward,  we will focus on gaining more use cases, building more partnerships, and delivering more visionary products and services to empower Web3 development.

Q5: The market is experiencing massive fluctuation. How will you survive and prosper in a bear market?

Ron Cao: The market has its ups and downs. In a bear market, investors need to be more patient. I believe the most important thing is to let time select the real good one. And what I want to say is that Web3 is still in its early phases of development. Focusing on technology and business model is essential for anyone’s long-term survival.

Ben Chang:  For builders like us, there is no bear market. We will even work harder, to be honest. Actually, recently we joined several events, such as Vietnam NFT events, and ETHPrague. The builders are super active everywhere. I really want to express my appreciation to Sky9 Capital again for the trust and support which will help us expand our business and acquire more users even in a downturn. We will continue to build and improve our services, to boost the development of Web3.

About NodeReal

NodeReal is a one-stop infrastructure and solution provider that embraces the high-speed blockchain era. It provides scalable, reliable, and efficient blockchain solutions for everyone, aiming to support the massive adoption, growth, and long-term success of the Web3 ecosystem.

About Sky9 Capital

Sky9 Capital is a leading venture capital firm dedicated to supporting disruptive technologies and outstanding innovators to drive change and positively impact society. Since 2011, the team has been managing a number of funds with $2 billion of AUM and has a presence in Singapore, China, and the United States.

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