How can you be invisible but still allow people to see you?

Sounds like an Oxymoron? But in Web3, it’s possible to achieve. By partnering with NodeReal, Litentry, the Web3 Decentralised Identity Aggregator (DIA), is doing just that.

Litentry’s mission is to maintain the personal privacy that Web3 promises, yet at the same time allow decentralised app providers to identify and potentially reward their users.

They describe this as making your identity tangible without you being seen.

Who is Litentry?

Litentry offers a Decentralised Identity Aggregator that links user identities across multiple networks and platforms in a privacy-preserving way.

  • For users, they are able to manage and, importantly, control their identities.
  • For dApps, they can receive real-time decentralised identity (DID) data of an identity owner across several blockchains with the help of Litentry’s My Crypto Profile (MCP) ID graphs.

Litentry's mission is to provide aggregated Identification whilst meeting the following objectives:

  • Guaranteed privacy - TEE-backed sidechains safeguard connected identification data while maintaining anonymity and sovereignty.
  • Multi-chain support - Agnostic verification and computation architecture to serve Polkadot and other EVM-compatible chains.
  • Decentralised attestation - Decentralised and transparent DID verification, aggregation, and attestation.
  • Portable virtual pass - Connectivity, identity identification, and administration enable virtual worlds access.

How is NodeReal Helping?

For Litentry to achieve the objectives above, the scale of the task is huge. It requires real-time access to data across blockchains. More so, the task also requires the ability to ingest massive amounts of historical data from these same blockchain sources.

In order to meet this challenge, Litentry chose to collaborate with NodeReal, a provider of world-class Web3 infrastructure solutions.

According to Fei Liu, CTO of Litentry, "NodeReal speeds up data indexing in Ethereum and BNB Chain hundreds of times”.

More specifically, we are powering Litentry via MegaNode, in terms of:

  • NFT Data Indexing: Litentry needed to index NFT data on Ethereum and BNB Chain which involved indexing literally billions of transactions. MegaNode was a natural choice as it is proven to offer world-leading node services. Check out our performance here.
  • Enhanced APIs: Litentry used MegaNode’s Archive Node service to make billions of API calls to pull historical data from the ETH and BNB Chainmainnets. We’ve also helped Litentry with some customized APIs to enable them to work with specific and unique data requests.
  • System Monitoring: Litentry also used the MegaNode Dashboard to continuously monitor their systems’ health and real-time usage analysis. The dashboard ensures that performance, availability, and response times are monitored and maintained at all times. The results have been truly outstanding.

The numbers speak for themselves, with MegaNode’s blockchain node service effortlessly handling billions of API calls via fast, scalable, and stable nodes, even under huge network traffic.

There is no doubt that together, Litentry and NodeReal are solving real problems for Web3 users. By using NodeReal’s MegaNode, Litentry can now focus on building their DID aggregation service without taking care of setting up and maintaining the development infrastructure.

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