In any thriving Layer-1 ecosystem, there is an indispensable role of wallets. A Web3 Wallet paves the way for users to access the network through daily transactions, thus, contributing to the popularity and wellness of the network.

Recently, Aptos launched a new Wallet Adapter Standard in order to improve the user experience when interacting with wallets on Aptos, which further accentuates the vital role of a wallet application.

This article will take you through Martian Wallet - a growing wallet application on Aptos and Sui Network. With this deep-dive article, we will understand why Martian prides itself as the top wallet and is well-loved by the community.


  • Martian Wallet is the most trusted wallet on Aptos with remarkable growth and traction with millions of installs thus far.
  • Martian Wallet is not only designed with simplicity and a strong focus on users' privacy and security but also incorporates social features to elevate user experience.
  • Albeit as a young project, Martian Wallet has fostered a community of more than 240K Twitter followers, 170K+ Discord members 500K+ users.

What is a Martian Wallet?

  • At its core, Martian Wallet is the self-custodian wallet that allows users to manage their digital assets such as storing, sending, and receiving coins and collectibles and minting NFTs on Aptos and Sui networks.
  • Martian provides a seamless user experience with a lot of native integrations in the wallet. You can stake and swap coins, explore and buy/sell NFTs, on-ramp fiat to crypto, and explore different dApps and NFT Projects from within the wallet.
  • Martian Wallet, as stated by the project, is built for the Move Ecosystem, utilizing the powerful Move Language that is well-loved by many developers for its accessibility and expressiveness.
  • It is now available on the Chrome extension just like Meta Mask with a work-in-progress app on iOS and Google Play.
  • Martian has recently launched a Twitter integration feature allowing users to connect their Twitter with their Martian account and do transactions via Twitter in a fully self-custodial way. Currently, they support running campaigns where Retweeters of a particular tweet can receive a defined reward of coins or NFTs. Along with that, they have also introduced Peer-to-Peer sending of coins by simply tweeting on Twitter.

Project Key Highlights

  • In October 2022, Martian Wallet closed a $3-million pre-seed funding round led by Race Capital, with participation from Superscrypt, Jump Capital, and a grant from Aptos Network.
  • It is an understatement to say that Martian Wallet is Aptos’s most famous wallet based on utility alone. According to Aptos Insights, an Aptos-based community, it has shown that Martian is leading the pack with more than 500K+ users on Google Chrome as of January 2023.
From Aptos Insights [1]

More than 2 million transactions were successfully approved through Martian Wallet within the first three days of the Aptos mainnet launch.

  • Since its inception in early 2022, Martian Wallet has managed to gather more than 240K Twitter followers, and foster a thriving community of 170K+ Discord members.  It is remarkable growth for a project that just turned one year old this 2023.
  • Regarding Twitter’s integration feature, more than 100k users have already linked their Twitter handles with their Martian account.

Project Review

Move-based blockchains like Aptos and Sui have the potential to elevate the web3 innovation to new heights and Martian Wallet, as a default Move wallet, is to ensure everyone can easily access and explore them.


Martian Wallet is a self-custodian wallet and this means users have complete custody over their private keys. Their wallet and smart contracts are also audited by Ottersec, a leading blockchain audit firm that has previously worked with Solana, LayerZero, and Serum.

With a customer security-first approach, the upcoming “key pair rotation” feature will come in very handy in case of exposed private keys or key theft, Martian users can obtain a new pair of keys to re-secure their wallets. Users for now can also review their secret phase in the setting tab.

Innovative Features:

Martian Wallet is well-received by the community thanks to its simplicity from an intuitive onboarding process to an extremely friendly user interface.

Moreover, it enhances user experience significantly by providing native functionalities in the wallet. From participating in stalking to swapping, users can interact with their coins from the comfort of a Martian wallet. They can also easily on-ramp their cryptocurrency from fiat, explore, buy, and list NFTs all inside the wallet.    

The Martian team knows that its users want to be informed and alerted, hence, it offers Web3-native Notifications for its dApps Store. By providing links to the dApps and NFT projects, the browser list of the dApps Store forms an entryway into the Aptos/Sui ecosystem.  

The Martian team takes the users-listening approach to the next level when it recently launched a Twitter integration feature. There are 3 use cases currently added on Testnet for this feature. A user can create a Retweet campaign where a certain number of users can be rewarded an NFT or a coin if they Retweet that particular tweet and have their Twitter handle linked with Martian. Martian also allows Peer-To-Peer sending of coins by simply tweeting about it.


Martian Wallet has integrated with more than 95% of the ecosystem projects.

Superb features and a thriving community are often characterized by great Web3 partnerships. Martian Wallet is indisputably a well-known partner with many decentralized applications on Aptos. Specifically, it has integrated with more than 95% of the ecosystem projects.

Martian has partnered with Hippo to provide a native swap functionality within the wallet and Tortuga Finance for providing the staking feature.

They partnered with Topaz - a leading Aptos NFTs marketplace for a native NFT marketplace integration allowing users to explore, buy, list, and delist NFTs on Topaz from inside the wallet. Furthermore, They are working closely with many major NFT projects for multiple campaigns and events for the ecosystem.

Taking a further step to onboard the next billion on Web3, Martian Wallet announced an integration with Moonpay to enable users to do fiat-on-ramp seamlessly from the wallet.

How NodeReal empowers top-performing wallets?

Leading and trusted Wallet applications always have to handle an extremely large volume of transactions on a daily basis. To put things in perspective, over 3.5 million Aptos mainnet transactions have already been successfully approved through Martian Wallet. On top of that, wallet applications simply cannot afford to compromise the privacy and security of customers’ funds.

NodeReal comes in as a node infrastructure provider to alleviate the burden for wallet applications - where they can focus on safeguarding customer funds and let NodeReal manage the speed and stable performance of their application.

"At Martian, we believe in the importance of fast shipping. NodeReal has been an excellent & successful partner with their timely support and responsive team that has enabled us in achieving our goals." - Siddharth & Abhinav (Co-founders at Martian Wallet)


Aptos node service is based on our flagship product of Meganode, which adopts the cloud-native architecture and has flattened the on-chain data which could provide fast and reliable service compared with full nodes.

To put things in a better context, we currently handle 45 million+ RPC requests on a daily basis on Aptos Mainnet from more than 100 dApps which means on a weekly basis we support 300 million+ requests and this further translates into 10 billion+ CU usage.    

On top of that, NodeReal’s Aptos Node service has a Latency which is 3.6 times faster than that of the public Aptos Node and 5.5 times higher QPS. You can find the performance testing report here.

Aptos Explorer

TraceMove explorer is the Aptos explorer product we provide to developers and users of Aptos. TraceMove is amongst the first Aptos Explorers and also a default explorer on Coin Market Cap’s Aptos Page. A critical review of all the top Aptos Explorers can be found here. TraceMove’s outstanding features include a visually-stunning NFT Collection Inventory Page and a Coin & NFT ranking page that really captures the community's attention. Furthermore, TraceMove is easy to use which allows anyone to look up their Transaction, Coins, and NFTs project in a simple search.

Concluding Remark

Martian Wallet owes much of its success so far to a great community of users. It is also a clear indication that a Web3 product needs to be built with a user-focused approach emphasizing simplicity and intuitive user experience.

Martian Wallet has been proven to be the most trusted wallet application on Aptos and it is going to amplify this further on Sui Network. Wherever there is a Move-based Network emerging, there is bound to be a presence of Martian Wallet.

Like Martian Wallet, NodeReal has also been there with Aptos from Day 0. Delivering on our promises is to keep on building and building together - any wallet project on Aptos and Sui can always rely on NodeReal for top-notch support and first-class services.

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