Today marks a significant milestone in the BNBChain Ecosystem with the highly anticipated launch of the Greenfield Mainnet. The latest iteration of this network introduces a diverse array of features and functionalities that elevate the capabilities previously observed during the testnet phase.

Greenfield X NodeReal: The Journey to Mainnet

As a proud and long-term partner of BNBChain, supporting Greenfield since day 1 has been NodeReal’s priority. 

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What is GreenfieldBNB Greenfield is a groundbreaking blockchain and storage platform that aims to harness the full potential of decentralized technology in data ownership and the data economy. By facilitating decentralized data management and access, Greenfield strives to transform the data economy…

GreenfieldScan and DCellar on Mainnet:  

Upon the mainnet launch, We are excited to extend our capabilities of flagship GreenfieldScan and DCellar to new heights. 

DCellar is a powerful tool that allows users to kickstart their decentralized data management journey on the Greenfield platform. Fast forward, it is now a go-to tool to leverage Greenfield’s innovative data storage capabilities. Whether it's the creation of storage buckets or the seamless management of files, DCellar stands as an invaluable asset, making the process smoother and more accessible than ever before. As we celebrate the launch of Greenfield's Mainnet, users can look forward to a seamless transition facilitated by DCellar. This user-friendly tool will continue to play a pivotal role in empowering individuals and organizations to embrace the potential of decentralized data storage.

DCellar - Storage console for developers on BNB Greenfield
DCellar is a storage tool that empowers developers to get started with BNB Greenfield decentralized storage blockchain and BNB Smart Chain (BSC).

DCellar Mainnet

GreenfieldScan: An advanced blockchain explorer and analytical platform, derived from NodeReal’s Explorer-as-a-Service(EaaS) offering, which now supports Greenfield Mainnet. This robust platform equips users with the tools to effortlessly comprehend and explore Mainnet data, providing insights into critical metrics such as the Latest Block, Average Block Time, Total Transactions, and Total Addresses. With GreenfieldScan, navigating the intricacies of the Greenfield Mainnet becomes more accessible and informative than ever before.

GreenfieldScan - BNB Greenfield Blockchain Explorer
GreenfieldScan is a blockchain explorer and analytics platform for BNB Greenfield. It enables users to explore transactions, blocks, addresses on Greenfield.

GreenfieldScan Mainnet

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