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Dear Builders, Devs, and beloved community,

It’s our pleasure to bring you another exciting update.

The past two weeks have been eventful for NodeReal. We’ve released a brand new website, supported multiple new features, enjoyed several events, and more!

Missed all that information? Here are the highlights for you!

  • New Website! Excited to announce the launch of our redesigned website. At NodeReal, it's all about stepping up our game and it's high time we upgrade our website to keep up with our latest powerful products & services! Have a look and let us know what you think!
  • Optimized APIs on Ethereum: We’ve optimized the following APIs for you to better access Ethereum. This optimization has greatly improved our performance on Ethereum, including lower latency and higher capacity. Don’t see what you need? Need a custom API? Just reach out, chances are we can build an enhanced API just for you :)
  • JSON Web Token (JWT): MegaNode provides a secure blockchain infrastructure solution. To better protect your MegaNode API, we’re excited to offer a  "JSON Web Token (JWT)" option. Only authenticated users can access the MegaNode API by including JWTs in the API headers. Please refer to the documentation here.
  • NodeReal embracing The Merge - We are Goerli PoS Ready! : The Merge is a planned Ethereum upgrade that shifts the network from the current Proof of Work(PoW) consensus mechanism to a Proof of State(PoS) model. NodeReal, as the ultimate Web3 infrastructure service provider, is embracing this change and has supported the Goerli testnet in MegaNode! For more info, be sure to check this out.
  • MegaNode supporting Polygon (Coming Soon): With the vision to embrace the multichain era, MegaNode is continuously expanding to more blockchains including Polygon! What other chains and APIs would you like us to support next? Help us serve you better by taking this survey (less than 5 minutes)! We'd love to hear about your API needs and use cases.
  • Get started with your first App (Coming Soon): From day one, NodeReal has been striving to provide our customers with the best user experience. App in MegaNode is a project-based unit, used to manage your API requests. We’re optimizing the user journey and will help you create your first App more easily.

ETHNYC, June 24-26, 2022: NodeReal loves Ethereum events 😍. We attended both ETHPrague and ETHNYC events, with many more on the calendar for 2022. We love running into our community members and fellow ETH lovers IRL!

Blockchain Malaysia, June 24-25, 2022: Malaysia is becoming a powerful player in  Blockchain & Web3. We‘re beyond excited to join the Blockchain Malaysia meetup co-organized by BNBChain. Freddie, our Director of Operations, shared his insights on why infrastructure (like us!) really matters for the future of Web3.

Discord AMA Recap: Thanks to all of you who joined our first Discord AMA hosted with Sky9 Capital, the lead investor of our 16M Series A Funding! If you missed it, don’t worry, here are the highlights!

Podcast - The Merge (Coming Soon): Jimmy & Walter kicked off the first-ever NodeReal podcast with an intro to our company, culture, and products! Next up, they’ll break down The Merge and how we are supporting our incredible community during this transition.

Before we wrap up this newsletter,  we’d like to bring the MegaNode Free Trial campaign up again. At NodeReal, we’re passionate about supporting as many projects as possible. For the month of July, we are supporting our community with a Free MegaNode Growth Plan! MegaNode makes your life as a developer easier by providing high-performance blockchain node services (RPC & Archive Node) for BNBChain, Ethereum, Aptos (Testnet), and more!

Thanks for reading! For more updates, jump into the discord, connect with us on Twitter, watch the podcast or wait around for the next newsletter. See Ya.

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