Since March 7th, 2023, NodeReal has been dedicated to supporting Erigon for BNB Smart Chain (BSC). Our first release, based on Erigon v2.40.0, marked the beginning of our journey. Over the past three months, we have relentlessly worked on enhancing BSC Erigon, delivering 5+ significant updates.

With that,  we are excited to share the details of our achievements and insights into our ongoing developments.

How NodeReal Contributes to BSC Erigon

Compared to Geth and other clients, Erigon, with the support of NodeReal, brings forth numerous significant advantages

  • Much less disk storage
  • Faster Initial Sync speed
  • Highly compressible
  • Crash Tolerance
  • Modularity
  • Fewer Read/Write operations with the database

Considering the numerous advantages and features of Erigon, NodeReal has made the strategic decision to support BNB Smart Chain (BSC) Erigon with the following contributions:

  • Support BEPs
  • Optimize RPC performance
  • Ensure Erigon sync
  • Improve the performance of BSC Erigon and contribute back to the Erigon community
  • Provide the snapshot download service for the BSC Erigon Archive node.
  • etc.

NodeReal has undertaken significant efforts to support and optimize BSC Erigon, aligning with the ultimate mission. Here are some of the key milestones to which NodeReal has dedicated its efforts:

V1.0.0: This release is based on Erigon v2.40.0 and supports the latest BSC Gibbs fork.

V1.0.1: This release supports the latest BSC Planck fork. Also Synced up to erigon commit: ledgerwatch@f675951. The Planck hard fork includes 2 BEPs to enhance network stability and security:

V1.0.3:  This is a hard-fork release (Luban)for BSC Testnet using Erigon. It includes the code of Fast Finality with the following BEPs, but it’s not a recommended version:

  • [#22] BEP-126: Introduce Fast Finality Mechanism
  • [#28] BEP-221: implement cometBFT light block validation
  • [#30] Upgrade the bytecode of system contracts(BEP: update the bytecode of Luban fork after the contract release)

V1.0.5: It’s a hard-fork release Plato for BSC Testnet using Erigon with these features

  • [#61] Get rid of the 1st validator from snap.
  • [#62] Update SystemContracts & fork height
  • [#64] Remove supports for legacy proof type
  • [#63] Update the bytecode of system contracts

V1.1.0: It’s a hard fork release(Luban) for BSC mainnet

Future Release

BSC Erigon is part of the Erigon community, and NodeReal is committed to aligning with the entire ecosystem in terms of updates and performance improvements.

As outlined in the earlier posted Erigon roadmap, three big features such as Erigon3, Erigon 4, and Caplin are planned for future release. NodeReal will actively participate in the research and development process of these features, ensuring their seamless integration and implementation within BSC Erigon.

In the long term, NodeReal's primary focus remains on supporting and enhancing the following aspects:

  • Support BSC Hard Forks: NodeReal is dedicated to providing support for upcoming BSC hard forks, such as the Hertz.
  • Improve Performance: NodeReal places a strong emphasis on optimizing the performance of the BSC Erigon client by conducting ongoing research and implementing optimization techniques.
  • Deploying Erigon Updates: By staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the Erigon ecosystem, NodeReal ensures that BSC Erigon benefits from new features, bug fixes, security enhancements, and other improvements.

NodeReal encourages users and community members to engage with this effort for further information, inquiries, and discussions. You can reach out to NodeReal and also comment on the GitHub repository.

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