Hey, Web3 fans and builders! Get ready to mark a fantastic milestone with us – 2 years of Making Web3 Real For All. You're cordially invited! RealHero is our loyalty program designed to honor and reward the most active and engaged members of the NodeReal community.

By accomplishing just 2 key tasks, you're in for a treat – a chance to experience our high-performance Node Infrastructure Service up to Team Tier, potential airdrops from our partners, exclusive event tickets, and more.

Please note that the campaign is starting from TODAY until the end of September. You will need to sign in to the Galxe Platform to be able to complete all these tasks.

Task 1: Accumulating 200 points

  • 1.1: Becoming a NodeReal’s Twitter Follower
Simply click on the task and it will take you to our Twitter page - Click “follow” and join the realBUIDL with NodeReal
  • 1.2: Visting NodeReal’s API Marketplace
Click on the task and you will be prompted to our robust API marketplace, where hundreds of Web3 APIs are at your fingertips for you to scale your business effectively.
  • 1.3: Retweet our NodeReal Turns Two tweet
This task will take you to a specific NodeReal’s Tweet, and retweet it with your little thoughts to spread the word about our Anniversary.
Congrats on your first 200 points! For this, you will have the chance to get:
Up to 10 successful participants

Task 2: Getting 300 points

  • 2.1: Experiencing NodeReal’s enhanced API
Step 1: You will be first prompted to log in and become a NodeReal user (Either through your GitHub or Discord account).
Step 2: From that, you will be taken back to our API marketplace, where you will have to send at least 10 enhanced API requests.
Step 3: Once done, you will put down your information into a Google form so that we can verify your activity.
  • 2.2: Join NodeReal’s Sharing is Caring Program
Following all the steps, you will reach the final step to put down your information into a Google form so that we can verify your activity. If you get stuck anywhere with this ask, feel free to click on the little tutorial blog we prepared for you.
  • 2.3: Becoming a NodeReal Discord member
Simply click on the task and it will take you to a Discord Invitation. Accept and join our thriving community of Web3 Developers.
Wow! You are now getting another 300 points and accumulating a total of 500 points. A true RealBUIDLer you are! For that, we will reward you with
Up to 10 successful participants

Reminder again: You can only accumulate points by completing the tasks from the Galxe Platform.

How can you claim your reward?

The campaign will run until 30th September 2023. From the first week of October, we will randomly select and announce the participants who are eligible to claim the rewards on our Twitter page.

Feel free to reach out to us through Discord or Email if you have any questions.

Whether you are a newbie or an old user, everyone’s welcome! Stay patient and spread the love to let everyone become the RealHero, keeping up the real BUIDL together. 🚀🌐

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