After a slightly overdue, the April Edition of NodeReal’s Monthly Newsletter finally arrived. A lot has happened during April. Needless to say, it kicked off a very strong momentum for Q2 of 2023. We cannot wait to share with you many latest improvements and progresses NodeReal has made in April.

As usual, we will keep you up to date first with NodeReal’s Products & Services. After that, we take you through our April lineup of significant Partnerships such as QuestN, Automata Network, Polyhedra, and many more. Furthermore, April is also full of Events where our team members got featured a lot in interviews with partners about our enterprise solution in Web3 gaming. Lastly, we will end the Monthly Newsletter with a review of April’s Publications as food for your thoughts.

Excited much 🥳 Enjoy reading!

In April, the NodeReal product team has been working relentlessly to deliver and ship back-to-back new products and product upgrades 🚀.  We also launched the first-ever dApp on BNB Chain Greenfield while managing to support and contribute to its tech stack.

The first thing first is that NodeReal is now having a Revamped Homepage 🤩

NodeReal - One-stop Blockchain Infrastructure Provider
NodeReal empowers developers and investors to explore blockchain with the most reliable solutions and enables enterprises to generate business opportunities.

TraceReal: Explorer-as-a-Service

This new product support Web3 Projects to build their own blockchain explorer which is multi-chain, fully customized, and highly configurable.

Your customized explorer into blockchain data - TraceReal
TraceReal is a custom blockchain explorer solution, which users can use to explore without the need to set up and maintain their own infrastructure.

API Marketplace updates

NodeReal's innovative API Marketplace has 4 new updates on the API Packages which enhance overall developers' experience with us.

✨ New Transactions API package co-built with Covalent

✨ PancakeSwap GraphQL is now a Paid Premium Package at $299 per month

✨ Fantom and Arbitrum Nitro RPC API officially went live and these two packages will now be charged by Compute Units.  

🍀 Greenfield Product Launch: DCellar & Greenfield Scan & RPC Indexing Services 🍀

Greenfield's updates have to be one of the biggest highlights of NodeReal's newly shipped products in April. With DCellar, Greenfield Scan, and RPC & Data indexing services, NodeReal further reinforces its commitment to supporting and spearheading BNBChain Greenfield's mass adoption.

ETH Shanghai Upgrade & BNBChain's Support

April marked the completion of the historic ETH Shanghai Upgrade and NodeReal has successfully ensured the smoothest transition for our clients upon the mainnet activation.

The Exciting Shanghai Upgrade for Ethereum is Just Around the Corner!
Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade will be soon finalizing. NodeReal is ready to support and ensure the smoothest transition for our ETH Services.

April witnessed the proposal on reducing the BSC Chain transaction fees implemented and NodeReal allows all the developers to take advantage of this proposal through our RPC Services.

On top of that, NodeReal also directly contributed to a new Fast Finality Mechanism (BEP-126) on BNB Chain by sharing comprehensive FAQ guidance as a first step.

FAQ: Everything About FastFinality
Background FastFinality is quite a big feature, which brings lots changes to the BNB Chain, both BC & BSC. As we delivered the 1st part of FastFinality in Luban Upgrade, many of the BNB ecosystem partners, developers, user may have questions about this feature, so we are open this post to collect t…

In Web3, we are building together and April has seen many fruitful partnerships have been kicked off between NodeReal and leading partners in the space.

QuestN X NodeReal: A Strategic Partnership

A little teaser about this partnership has been released back in March. But on 13th April, we officially entered this strategic partnership with QuestN to accelerate the next wave of Web3 Games.

QuestN x NodeReal: Fueling the GameFi innovation through a Strategic Partnership
NodeReal, a renowned blockchain infrastructure service provider, joins forces with QuestN, a leading web3 gamification pioneer, to drive innovation in the GameFi space. Learn more!

Polyhedra X NodeReal: Unleash the power of Interoperability & Web3 Games

This dynamic collaboration between NodeReal and Polyhedar Network aims to build a holistic infrastructure that empowers a one-stop solution for all your blockchain and gaming needs. This partnership signified a high time to embrace seamless interoperability between Layer-1 (L1) and Layer-2 (L2) blockchains and elevated gaming experiences.

Polyhedra X NodeReal: ZK building blocks empowering Application Chains and Blockchain Games
Exploring the collaboration between Polyhedra and NodeReal and how their ZK building blocks are revolutionizing Application Chains and Blockchain Games.

The Fantastic Four: NFT Scan & Automata Network & Frax Protocol & Native

NodeReal has been very busy in 🇭🇰 HongKong for the grand Web3 Festival Series in April.

NodeReal's Co-founder and COO - Ben Zhang has participated and met with many partners throughout the Consensus 2023. He has also been sharing a lot of insights during interviews and panel discussions.

April publication features a list of impactful articles below.

Making the Case for a 'One-Stop' Approach: Rethinking the Enterprise Blockchain Model: This editorial article was written by our Co-Founder & COO Ben Zhang and published on Nasdaq.

Article link

Semita Optimistic Rollup: Accelerating the next wave of Web3 Game - Part 1: This article gives an overview of NodeReal's Optimistic Rollup solution with its Web3 Game Application.

Semita Optimistic Rollup: Accelerating the Next Wave of Web3 Game
With the mission to onboard the next billion users on Web3, NodeReal is now supercharging the next wave of Web3 Games through Semita Optimistic Rollup.

CertiK: The Pursuit of Securing the Web3 World: This article will delve into CertiK. From that, we can understand its paramount role in empowering and helping projects navigate the myriad challenges of Web3 Security.

CertiK: The Pursuit of Securing the Web3 World
Delve into the CertiK Project, an in-depth analysis of cutting-edge blockchain security solutions. Discover how CertiK’s innovative technology safeguards against threats, mitigates risks, and enhances blockchain security.

QuestN: The Unstoppable Force of Web3 Growth: In this article, we will explore QuestN (Previously known as Quest3) - and how it successfully accelerates growth for thousands of Web3 projects.

QuestN: The Unstoppable Force of Web3 Growth
Discover the power of QuestN, the ultimate platform for marketing & analytics, and how it accelerates Web3 growth.

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