SINGAPORE, March 17, 2022 — NodeReal is excited to announce that we’re now partnered with ChainIDE, the world-leading IDE for smart contract development.

The dev community is a vital component of any emerging technology, it’s like the reservoir where all the great ideas and innovations come from. As the hype around Web3 reaches a fever pitch, there sees a fast-growing number of engineers contributing to this remarkable paradigm. If you are a newcomer in this field, you might be wondering what is the Web3 stack? What infrastructure and ready-to-use environment can I use to build my application?

To address this, NodeReal is now teaming up with ChainIDE, the world-leading IDE for smart contract development, to continuously empower Web3 development.

What is ChainIDE?

ChainIDE is an open-source cloud-based IDE for creating applications to deploy on different blockchains such as BNB Chain, Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc. It shortens the development cycle and has pre-installed plugins that save users’ time and effort. ChainIDE is the world’s most commonly used IDE, due to its user friendly interface and easy-to-use attributes among other attributes that have attracted developers, practitioners, and researchers from all around the world. It provides a complete and ready-to-use environment for smart contract development as well as detailed documentation for learning purposes. ChainIDE is a powerful open-source cloud-based IDE that helps developers write smart contracts in different programming languages and for different blockchains. It has modules for writing, compiling, debugging, testing, deploying smart contracts, and much more.

How is NodeReal Helping?

As a one-stop blockchain infrastructure and services provider — NodeReal is proud to collaborate with ChainIDE. Through this partnership with ChainIDE, we will be able to empower developers and propel the growth of the Web3 ecosystem. Specific approaches include but are not limited to:

  1. Integrate High-Performance and Scalable Web3 API to ChainIDE: NodeReal will provide ChainIDE with an instant, reliable, and secure Web3 API solution, which can help bridge the gap between product and infrastructure significantly.
  2. Support ChainIDE Dev Community and Events: Education is the core foundation of this industry. NodeReal will team up with ChainIDE to organize a series of learning sessions/events, and provide comprehensive educational resources on blockchain development with the most useful tutorials across the Web3.
  3. Co-grant Web3 Infra Development: To boost the Web3 infrastructure development, NodeReal will join hands with ChainIDE to provide co-grant opportunities for outstanding projects and pieces of development work in this field.

“NodeReal is thrilled to partner with ChainIDE. We are at the tipping point where more and more developers decide to make the switch from Web2 to Web3. By jointly building the web3 infrastructure stack with ChainIDE, NodeReal will continuously empower the Web3 development. “ said Henry, CEO of NodeReal.

“ChainIDE is excited about our partnership with NodeReal. Our teams share the common goal of empowering Web3 developers. By working together, we can leverage the synergies of our projects to amplify our contributions to the global Web3 developer ecosystem.” said Ling, CEO of ChainIDE

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