SINGAPORE, June 8, 2022 — To bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, there is a great emphasis on interoperability and scalability for blockchain, and infrastructure support for builders. NodeReal Semita was born with this mission and aims to provide one-stop blockchain services, starting from BNB Application Sidechain (BAS).

After we announced our first pioneer - GAL Chain by Project Galaxy last week, today we are pleased to introduce you to another showcase of Semita - CUBE by Metaverse World, a world-leading blockchain entertainment platform that is reshaping the Games world.

What is CUBE?

CUBE is an all-in-one entertainment platform powered by blockchain on the Metaverse. It’s developed by Metaverse World, which is a subsidiary of Netmarble F&C, the largest mobile-gaming company in South Korea. CUBE provides optimized service for both gamers and game developers, content creators, and content consumers alike, aiming to create a single platform where virtual entertainment translates to true pleasure and value.

For more information, check out their whitepaper here.

Why did CUBE choose BAS?

As CUBE approaches the global audience with powerful IPs and a virtual multi-platform, it has a strong demand for operational and technical support to easily manage the highly active population within its ecosystem. BAS met the need, at the right time.

Why? Specially speaking, the main reasons CUBE chose to build on BAS include but are not limited to:

  • Scalability: Through a scalable sidechain solution, BAS provides high throughput including over 5,000 TPS, ultra-low gas fee, and full EVM compatibility. This is crucial for any large-scale GameFi applications including CUBE to create disruptive games and content on the blockchain.
  • Customizability: “Own Your Own Chain” is a slogan of BAS, demonstrating that developers can build their own blockchain with huge flexibility of validator set, tokenomics design, gas token choice, etc. CUBE wants its own chain as well, to have more scalability and more focus on the product for its users.
  • User Experience: One of the top priorities of CUBE in developing any kind of service is user experience. BAS can seamlessly integrate into the BNB Chain while excluding unnecessary steps and fees on the user side.

How NodeReal is helping?

NodeReal has been in close contact with the CUBE team since day one we know they have a need for scalable blockchain infrastructure and services. We reached this collaboration not just because we share the same Web3 vision, but also because we have the capacity to bring the vision to life in the most executable and stable way possible.

We are empowering CUBE to launch its BAS Testnet through our Semita, a one-stop trustworthy, scalable blockchain platform for business. Semita provides a full suite of products for teams to easily build on BAS without the need to invest massive time and resources in setting up the infrastructure by themselves.

“We’ve evaluated a lot of other side chains as well, but a major hurdle we found is that the other side chains come in a type of set package, and that’s not what we were looking for. Every project is different — different user bases, different kinds of systems, how to reward the validators, and so on and so forth. Thus, we needed and asked for a lot of customization from the NodeReal team, and found that they already had a really good tool set.” Said Ian, Business Development Lead at CUBE.

“We are beyond excited to help CUBE build its own BAS. This is believed to bring a revolutionary entertainment experience to the BNB Chain ecosystem and shorten the gap between Web2 and Web3 from my perspective. Supportive interoperability and blockchain infrastructure are always needed for large-scale GameFi projects, and those are exactly what we offer in Semita. ” Said Henry, CEO of NodeReal.

About NodeReal

NodeReal is a one-stop blockchain infrastructure and services provider that embraces the high-speed blockchain era. We provide scalable, reliable, and efficient blockchain solutions for everyone, aiming to support the adoption, growth, and long-term success of the Web3 ecosystem.

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