Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) enhances blockchain network scalability and efficiency by leveraging optimistic and zero-knowledge technology. Major industry players, such as Arbitrum (Orbit), Optimism (OP Stack), zkSync (Hyperchains), and Polygon (CDK), have launched technologies for developers to create new rollups. RaaS providers offer varied services, from comprehensive management to no-code development. Let's explore the multifaceted components of RaaS solutions

  • Scalable and Customized Rollups: Fundamental to RaaS, rollups consolidate multiple transactions into one, reducing data load on the main blockchain (Layer 1) and boosting scalability. 
  • Infrastructure and Tools: Blockchain's success depends on diverse infrastructures, from basic bridges and node services to advanced tools like data indexing and multi-sig systems.
  • Security and DevOps: Ensure secure management for all the key components and zero downtime for all the critical infra such as key management, perf monitoring, alerts, etc.  

In this blog, we will share: 

  1. How business cases might consider a RaaS solution under specific circumstances.
  2. NodeReal's one-stop solution extends from Rollup blockchain technology to a full suite of infrastructure and tools.
  3. NodeReal's comprehensive service offerings, including customization, deployment, and operational services, are all backed by industry-proven SLAs.

Potential Business Cases

RaaS has potential business cases across a diverse range of projects and entities in the blockchain sector, especially for those seeking to boost scalability and efficiency. Yet, not every project is a fit for RaaS. It's crucial for projects to thoroughly assess their specific needs and requirements from various perspectives before opting for RaaS:

  • Flexibility of Customization: Customized gas tokens can ensure flexible governance and chain configuration.
  • High Transaction Volume and Frequency: RaaS is most beneficial for projects with substantial transaction volumes and high user activity, ideally with over 500K weekly active users. It effectively reduces network congestion and transaction expenses. 
  • Scalability Requirements: Projects focused on swift scalability, managing growing user numbers, and handling peak periods without degrading performance are prime candidates for RaaS. 
  • Security Evaluation: It's crucial for projects to evaluate their security needs and confirm that their RaaS provider can fulfill these, particularly for transactions of a sensitive or high-stakes nature. 

Given these criteria, projects like large-scale GameFi (such as Hooked's potential AppChain), fully on-chain games, NFT platforms ( Blast from Blur), high-frequency DeFi (dYdX Chain), advanced game engines, and supply chain systems are increasingly inclined to deploy their rollups. They recognize the substantial advantages these offer in scalability, efficiency, and customization.

NodeReal’s RaaS - One-Stop Solution

NodeReal's Semita, grounded in the robust modular OPStack, stands as the bedrock of the Semita Optimistic-as-a-Service solution. Anchored by the formidable OP Stack and designed for modularity, this innovative approach allows for independent development and refinement of distinct blockchain components. This leads to agile and efficient development, ensuring smooth integration and versatility across various blockchain elements.

Leveraging OP Stack modular design, our solution optimises the infra stacks through several key enhancements. 

  • Delivering significantly higher TPS of over 4K. 
  • Minimizing gas fees by establishing a Data Availability (DA) interface and storing Layer 2 transaction data on a separate DA layer, such as Greenfield, effectively reducing gas costs. 
  • Battle-tested RPC endpoints scalable to 1M QPS. 
  • State-of-the-art Blockchain Explorer, not only boasts high performance but also includes support features like statistics, contract verification, etc. 
  • Account Abstraction support streamlines user login, account recovery, and ERC20 token gas fee management. 
  • Enhancing reliability by implementing High-Availability (HA) solutions with multiple instances of components, including sequencers and batchers.

Together with a one-stop infrastructure stack and build-in components, Semita already onboarded several important customers:

opBNB (Testnet/Mainnet)



Built in

Built in


Native bridge or 3rd parties (zkBridge, etc)

Native bridge or 3rd parties


opBNBscan by NodeReal

Combo Explorer by NodeReal

Node Service




Subgraph powered by Meganode

Subgraph powered by Meganode





Particle network, TrustWallet, etc

Particle network, TrustWallet, etc

dStorage Integration (BNB Greenfield)

BNBChain Greenfield

NodeReal’s Full-lifecycle Services

The onboarding process for our RaaS typically involves several key stages to ensure a smooth transition and effective implementation. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Consulting: This initial stage involves understanding the client's specific needs and challenges. The goal is to identify how RaaS can best meet their objectives.
  • Designing: Based on the insights gained during consulting, a tailored RaaS solution is designed.
  • Development: In this phase, the actual rollup solution is developed. This includes coding the necessary smart contracts, setting up the rollup infrastructure, and integrating APIs and other tools. 
  • Operation: The rollup solution is deployed into operation once the development is complete. This stage includes monitoring the rollup’s performance, ensuring data integrity, and providing ongoing support.

Throughout these stages, continuous communication, unwavering transparency, and adaptability are key to overcoming challenges and ensuring the RaaS solution meets the client's needs. NodeReal boasts the capability to navigate and complete this full cycle within a swift timeframe of just one month.

The mainnet launch marks not an end, but the start of our service. NodeReal is dedicated to maintaining your chain with the latest technologies, top performance, and appropriate infrastructure.


We believe RaaS is the future of blockchain technology. By developing the first rollup chain on the OP Stack, we aim to provide developers with intuitive tools, high performance, low gas fees, and scalable solutions. At the same time, we're continuously optimizing our tech stack, including enabling multiple-proof strategies and supporting diverse clients. High performance remains our ultimate goal, and we're committed to leveraging innovative technologies to enhance chain performance further. Our unique infrastructure suite also sets us apart, and we're focused on expanding our ecosystem.

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