In 2022, the Mina Foundation surveyed over 1900 participants, resulting in a report on the State of Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP). The findings revealed that

  • 42.2% of respondents believe ZKPs are the future of Web3 and the Metaverse, highlighting their growing significance.
  • Furthermore, 90% of participants found cryptocurrencies utilizing ZKPs more appealing.

These figures indicate the increasing awareness and practical application of ZKP technology. As a prime example, Polyhedra Network has already made significant strides in developing innovative ZK infrastructure within the web3 space. The team designs and implements zkBridge with novel distributed zero-knowledge proof systems, providing trustless and efficient cross-chain infrastructures for layer-1 and layer-2 interoperability. Polyhedra Network has pushed the boundaries of blockchain interoperability, scalability, and privacy.

In this case study, we will delve into Polyhedra's journey in building a comprehensive suite of systems focused on blockchain interoperability enhancements with ZKP technology.

An Introduction to zkBridge

Polyhedra Network is at the forefront of zkBridge development, revolutionizing cross-chain infrastructures for layer-1 and layer-2 interoperability through the power of Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP).

zkBridge utilizes ZKPs to establish trustless and efficient connections between different blockchains. By employing zero-knowledge proofs to verify consensus validity, zkBridge ensures robust security without relying on external assumptions. Moreover, it significantly reduces on-chain verification costs thanks to recursive proofs.

The modular design of zkBridge enables a wide range of valuable capabilities, including token bridging/swapping, message passing, and computational logic that seamlessly integrates with state changes from multiple blockchain networks.

To enhance the proof generation speed of zkBridge, Polyhedra implemented deVirgo, a novel distributed proof system based on the Virgo proof system. deVirgo combines distributed sumcheck and distributed polynomial commitment to achieve optimal parallelism and can accelerate proof generation by orders of magnitude when running on distributed machines.

Through these innovative advancements, Polyhedra is driving the development of zkBridge, bringing enhanced interoperability and efficiency to the world of blockchain networks.

Polyhedra Network: The Journey So Far

In November 2022, the publication of "zkBridge: Trustless Cross-chain Bridges Made Practical" marked the initiation of the testnet phase for zkBridge. This significant milestone propelled the development of zkBridge forward, as it attracted a substantial user base of over 100,000 participants who actively provided valuable feedback to further enhance the project.

Furthermore, Polyhedra Network achieved a major milestone at the end of Q1-2023 with its public introduction. This milestone was accompanied by a strategic funding round that secured an impressive $10 million investment. The funding round was co-led by renowned entities in the blockchain industry, including Binance Labs and the blockchain-focused investment firm Polychain Capital.

The combination of a successful testnet phase and a significant funding round positions Polyhedra to make substantial strides in revolutionizing trustless cross-chain bridges.

In early April 2023, Polyhedra made a significant announcement by unveiling the zkBridge Mainnet Alpha release. This release enables users to leverage the capabilities of zkBridge NFT and zkBridge Messenger on ten different layer-1 and layer-2 blockchain networks. This expansion broadens the accessibility and usability of zkBridge, empowering users to seamlessly navigate cross-chain functionalities.

To further incentivize and promote meaningful engagement with zkBridge upon the mainnet launch, Polyhedra established a strategic partnership with Galxe to introduce the zkBridge Loyalty Point Program. This program rewards users with loyalty points as they actively interact with zkBridge's cross-chain products, engage in social media activities, and actively participate in the community. These loyalty points serve as proof of participation within the ecosystem and can be redeemed for future rewards and exclusive benefits.

Additionally, amidst the excitement surrounding the BNB Greenfield testnet Congo announcement, Polyhedra seized the opportunity to integrate the zkBridge Messenger with Greenfield on April 20th. This integration introduced an email-like application that enables users to send comprehensive messages, including attachments, across multiple blockchain networks.

Last but not least, LayerZero and Polyhedra Network have entered into a strategic partnership to revolutionize cross-chain interoperability with zero-knowledge proofs. Based on zkBridge, Polyhedra implements the zk light client on LayerZero. Developers can leverage the power of the zk light client with a simple configuration update, and they can easily build cross-chain applications on top of LayerZero through its extensive developer tooling. This strategic move aligns perfectly with Polyhedra's overarching goal of building an inclusive infrastructure for Web3 interoperability, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation within the blockchain ecosystem.

Greenfield zkMessenger: Harnessing the power of Greenfield and zkBridge

What is a Greenfield zkMessenger?

Greenfield zkMessenger is a cross-chain messaging protocol that combines the strengths of zkBridge and BNB Greenfield. It enables seamless communication within the Web3 ecosystem by facilitating the exchange of messages and data across different blockchain networks. With trustless cross-chain interoperability from zkBridge and decentralized data ownership from BNB Greenfield.

A Community-focused Approach to Greenfield zkMessenger

Greenfield zkMessenger functions as an email-like application, enhancing communication across multiple blockchain networks. It offers several notable features that contribute to a seamless and improved user experience.

  • The Rich Text Messenger feature enables users to compose and send messages with various formatting options. This feature resembles the experience of composing an email, providing users with the ability to express their messages more effectively.
  • The platform's Intuitive and friendly Interface ensures accessibility for both experienced Web3 users and novices. With dedicated tabs for "Sent" and "Inbox," users can easily manage their messages and navigate the platform effortlessly.
  • The Flexible Recipient Addressing feature empowers users with better control over message routing, allowing them to direct their messages more efficiently.
Image courtesy from Greenfield zkMessenger

Greenfield zkMessenger prioritizes a user-focused approach, ensuring secure and reliable data transfer across different blockchain networks. Furthermore, the Polyhedra team shares the Cross-Chain Messaging Principles with the community, highlighting the compatibility between zkMessenger and Greenfield's distributed data storage. Additionally, they provide a comprehensive tutorial on using the BNB Greenfield SDK to store messages, facilitating collaboration between Greenfield and zkBridge platforms. This commitment to user empowerment and seamless collaboration drives the development of Greenfield zkMessenger.

How NodeReal Support?

In April of this year, Polyhedra and NodeReal forged a strategic partnership to strengthen their product offerings. Polyhedra leverages NodeReal's industry-leading RPC services to enhance its capabilities. NodeReal's Blockchain API provides high performance and seamless integration, ensuring the stability and reliability of zkBridge.

During periods of high on-chain demand, particularly within the BNB chain and the Greenfield network, NodeReal's API service plays a vital role in ensuring the scalability of zkMessenger. It ensures that the performance and operation of zkMessenger remain unaffected by any sudden disruptions, thereby maintaining a smooth user experience for the community.

Subsequently, to further leverage and demonstrate some of the best practices on BNBChain Greenfield,  Polyhedra has tapped into NodeReal's flagship Greenfield dApps - GreenfieldScan and DCellar.  

Polyhedra Tutorial: How to store NFT Metadata on BNB Greenfield

Concluding Remarks

Polyhedra Network is making bold strides in the unexplored realm of Web3. Through their utilization of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) and the development of innovative ZKP-enabled products, Polyhedra is actively shaping the future of its infrastructure.

NodeReal is proud to have earned the trust of Polyhedra and to be part of this remarkable journey. As interoperability and cross-chain operations remain central to Polyhedra's vision, NodeReal is diligently working on creating seamless and cutting-edge layer 2 solutions. These solutions, including zk-rollups, optimism roll-ups, and application chains, will provide robust support for Polyhedra's future roadmap.

The collaboration between Polyhedra Network and NodeReal exemplifies our shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of Web3 and delivering innovative solutions that enhance the overall ecosystem.

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