The partnership marks the second-ever game-focused rollup on the BNB Chain

SINGAPORE — 13 April 2023 — NodeReal, the leading blockchain infrastructure service provider, announced its latest milestone in strengthening the global GameFi ecosystem, by entering into a strategic collaboration with QuestN, the one-stop tool for marketing, growth, and analysis in Web3. Under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), NodeReal will be developing a Custom Optimism (OP) RollUp Chain for QuestN, effectively strengthening its RollUp-as-a-Service offering.

Through this partnership, NodeReal aims to strengthen QuestN’s existing offering specifically for blockchain gaming and GameFi projects, industries within which QuestN has a proven track record in strengthening user growth initiatives. To date, it counts Yeeha Games, GameSpace, Gameta, and P12 among its GameFi partners. With a focus on scaling its reach within the global GameFi ecosystem, QuestN will also be supporting NodeReal via a strategic stream of audience targeting and engagement campaigns that would delight any gamer interacting with QuestN platform.

Offering over 100 free-to-use “quests” to incentivise user engagement, QuestN is pioneering a “do-to-earn” model, enabling a variety of Web3 projects to better engage their users and end customers. The partnership is set to benefit QuestN’s over 1.7 million users and over 60,000 daily active users as they engage in gamified experiences across a broad spectrum of projects.

"QuestN has many top projects in the industry across various fields as clients and partners. We are committed to helping customers effectively grow user numbers and achieve more accurate advertising. “Free” and “Permissionless” are the tags we will forever hold, and continue to provide the Web3 industry with the best service we can offer." - said Chess, CEO and Co-Founder of QuestN

This partnership between NodeReal and QuestN is especially timely, playing a pivotal role in bolstering future-oriented, purpose-built GameFi infrastructure within the BNB Chain ecosystem. As of Q4 2022, BNB Chain accounts for almost 38 per cent of all GameFi projects and activity in the industry. This is further supported by the fact that 40 per cent of the network’s daily active users identify as gamers. Aside from BNB Chain, QuestN’s ecosystem coverage has expanded to include other chains including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, KCC, Arbitrum One, and Optimism, as well as new public chains including Starknet, Scroll, and Sui.

“At NodeReal, our goal is to provide enterprise-grade infrastructure that can realise the most ambitious Web3 applications. Combined with QuestN’s expertise in creating gamified experiences, we’re excited to be building out the infrastructure that will drive the next wave of GameFi innovation in the market.” - Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Ben Zhang, COO & Co-Founder of NodeReal,


Dr. Ben Zhang, COO and Co-Founder of NodeReal, and Chess, CEO and Co-Founder of QuestN are both available for interviews

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NodeReal’s Semita empowers enterprises to build their custom Application Chain or scale their blockchains with Layer 2 solutions, like the Optimistic Rollup.

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QuestN is your one-stop tool for Marketing, Growth, and Analysis in Web3 — incubated by Hogwarts Labs. We offer one-stop services that accomplish the entire process of Attracting, Acquiring, and Analyzing users. More than 100 quest templates are free and Permissionless to use — join us now to experience amazing growth.
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