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1️⃣ CMCC Global has successfully secured a substantial sum of $100 million for its Titan Fund, a venture aimed at bolstering startups operating within Asia's blockchain sectors. This endeavor has garnered significant support from over 30 investors, notable among them being Winklevoss Capital and Yat Siu, the founder of Animoca Brands. This substantial investment underlines the growing confidence and interest in the blockchain space across Asia.

Hong Kong crypto firm launches $100M fund aimed at Asia startups: report
The fund will focus on three investment categories: blockchain infrastructure, consumer applications, and crypto financial services.

2️⃣ Leading crypto venture firm Andreessen Horowitz has spearheaded a noteworthy Series A funding round for Blackbird Labs, the developers behind the innovative web3 restaurant loyalty app known as Blackbird. Joining this funding effort are other prominent participants, including QED, Union Square Ventures, Shine, Variant, and several influential restaurant groups. This successful Series A round has netted Blackbird a substantial $24 million, propelling the total funding raised by the company to an impressive $35 million. These funds will be instrumental in advancing and expanding the operations of Blackbird, marking a significant milestone in its journey.

Resy and Eater co-founder raises $24M for Blackbird, a restaurant loyalty platform | TechCrunch
A co-founder of Resy and Eater is trying to bring restaurants repeat business with Blackbird, his newest startup venture.

3️⃣ Mythical Games, the company behind the blockchain-based game NFL Rivals, has introduced another exciting mobile game, "Nitro Nation World Tour." In this new game, players engage in thrilling races while also having the opportunity to earn and collect car NFTs inspired by renowned automobile brands such as Aston Martin, Jaguar, Pagani, and McLaren Automotive. This innovative blend of gaming and blockchain technology offers players a unique and engaging experience in the world of mobile gaming.

Mythical Games launches racing game on Apple and Android devices, following NFL Rivals
Following the launch of the web3 mobile game “NFL Rivals” Mythical Games is launching a racing game on Apple and Android.

1️⃣ Protocol Labs, the development team behind Filecoin and other ecosystem components, unveiled the Venture Studio program. This initiative is designed to leverage technologies from Filecoin, IPFS, libp2p, Ethereum, and more to assist startups in creating innovative technology solutions. The program's key areas of emphasis encompass projects centered around Filecoin and IPFS, spanning topics like blockchain scalability, cloud data storage, Data Availability Networks (DAN), Content Delivery Networks (CDN), and Data Compute Networks (CoD).

Introducing Protocol Labs Venture Studio (PL VS)
Protocol Labs is excited to announce Protocol Labs Venture Studio, an initiative dedicated to growing and enabling new startups building breakthrough technologies.

2️⃣ The official website of Galxe, a web3 credentials and rewards platform, experienced a security breach through a DNS hijack attack on its front-end website. The platform's team has officially verified this incident and advised users not to visit the compromised site. During the attack, cybercriminals leveraged a DNS exploit to seize control of Galxe's official website link, redirecting users to a phishing site associated with a malicious contract. The primary objective was to pilfer user funds. In total, the hacker's address accumulated over $160,000 in user funds.

Web3 platform Galxe hit by DNS attack on front-end website
The official website of the web3 credentials and rewards platform Galxe was compromised due to a DNS hijack attack on its front-end website.

3️⃣ Solana's v1.16 update brings forth a significant enhancement in the form of "Confidential Transfers." This feature bolsters user privacy by introducing encrypted SPL token transactions. Additionally, the update works towards refining Solana's zero-knowledge-proof capabilities while concurrently reducing the hardware requirements for validators.

Solana’s latest update brings native support for private blockchain transactions
Solana’s v1.16 update introduces “Confidential Transfers,” enhancing user privacy with encrypted SPL token transactions.


Ethereum’s Etherscan introduced a brand new Event Log Advanced Filter. - link

BNB Chain

BNB Chain announced an airdrop marathon in the celebration of opBNB mainnet launch. - link


Avalanche's C-chain network has seen a surge in the number of transactions thanks to its SocialFi app Stars Arena. - link


Arbitrum Short-Term Incentives Program is out. - link


The OP Stack’s Fault Proof System is live on OP Goerli. - link


Base welcomed bIB01 - a tokenized security product issued by the Real-world asset project Backed. - link


Sui Foundation reallocates 117 million SUI from external market makers to support growth initiatives. - link

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