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1️⃣ Ubisoft has partnered with Integral Reality Labs to introduce Assassin's Creed Smart Collectibles, a fusion of NFT access passes and physical collectibles. These NFT access passes, minted on the Ethereum scaling network Polygon, provide exclusive benefits in the virtual realm of Assassin's Creed.

Assassin’s Creed ‘Smart Collectibles’ Pair NFTs With 3D-Printed Physical Items - Decrypt
Ubisoft’s collab with Integral Reality Labs lets NFT holders customize a physical collectible based on the smash game franchise.

2️⃣ Leading financial firms, including Deloitte, S&P Global, and Moody's, have united to back the Canton Network, a blockchain platform aimed at revolutionizing financial markets using Web3 technology. By leveraging decentralized infrastructure, the network seeks to enhance transaction efficiency, enabling seamless integration of financial systems and synchronized operations. The collaboration highlights the industry's recognition of blockchain's potential to streamline processes and create a more interconnected and efficient financial ecosystem.

Read the Canton Network Launch Press-Release
Read the press release for the Canton Network— a new Global Blockchain Network of Networks for Financial Market Participants and Institutional Assets.

3️⃣ Warner Music Singapore and Affyn, a renowned Singapore-based Web3 company, have unveiled a strategic partnership aimed at fostering innovation and growth within the gaming industry. By joining forces, the two entities seek to unlock fresh avenues for artists and audiences, propelling them into the dynamic realm of Web3 gaming.

Warner Music Singapore collaborates with Affyn to push for a new era of digital content through the Web3 gaming world
Warner Music Singapore and Affyn, a prominent Singapore-based Web3 company, announced today that they are partnering to create new opportunities for artists and audiences in the gaming industry

4️⃣ Samsung Electronics, a prominent technology company, has reportedly entered into a partnership with South Korea's central bank to undertake research on central bank digital currency (CBDC) for offline payments. This collaboration highlights the joint effort to explore the potential of CBDCs in facilitating offline transactions.

Samsung to research South Korea’s CBDC for offline payments
The research aims to test the South Korean CBDC’s potential to conduct remittances and payments using NFC on Samsung mobile devices instead of the internet.

1️⃣ Chiliz, a leading blockchain company, has recently completed the public launch of its new Layer-1 blockchain with the aim of transitioning sports from Web2 to Web3. Known as Chiliz Chain, this EVM-compatible L1 public chain enables approved developers to build sports web3 projects. Transactions on the Chiliz chain are facilitated using the Chiliz native token, CHZ, which serves as the payment method for network fees.

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2️⃣ Bitcoin developers are currently addressing concerns related to BRC-20, which is perceived as a potential threat to the network's efficiency and regular operations. Discussions are underway to mitigate network congestion and ensure smooth functionality. Two proposed options are being considered: modifying the consensus mechanism or adjusting the policy.

COINCU on Binance Feed: Bitcoin Developers Hotly Debating Issues Relating to BRC-20 Transactions | Binance Feed
Key Points: BRC-20 is conside

3️⃣ Alexei Zamyatin, founder of Interlay, proposes introducing BRC-21 and BRC-42 standards to enable decentralized cross-chain assets on Bitcoin. BRC-21 would support Lightning Network integration, while BRC-42 would bridge BRC-20 tokens to Ethereum and InterlayHQ. This unlocks various DeFi use cases like DEX swaps and borrowing/lending for BRC-20 tokens. The proposal enhances Bitcoin's utility in the evolving DeFi ecosystem.

4️⃣ The Lido community is actively engaged in voting on a proposal to implement version 2 on the Ethereum network. Considered the most substantial upgrade since its inception in December 2020, version 2 emphasizes ETH staking withdrawals and the introduction of the Staking Router. Voting is scheduled to conclude on May 15, and the proposal is expected to pass based on current expectations. This milestone signifies a significant step forward for the Lido ecosystem.

Lido Vote For Proposal To Deploy V2 On Ethereum Network Ethereum Blockchain | CryptoRank.io
According to the official announcement, the Aragon Vote to implement the Lido V2 upgrade on Ethereum is currently taking place.


The Beacon chain has experienced two instances of halted finalization in the last 36 hours, along with the occurrence of the first inactivity leak.


Polygon published “The blockchain gaming opportunity” Twitter thread - link


Chainlink functions are now Live on Avalanche Fuji - link


Saga — Solana Mobile’s flagship Android phone — is now available to the general public - link


World ID & World App are coming to Optimism's Mainnet  - link


Arbitrum Nova has surpassed over 500,000 unique addresses - link


Builders in the community are invited to integrate and test DeepBook, the foundational liquidity layer for Sui. - link

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