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1️⃣ PayPal has introduced On and Off Ramps for web3 payments, bridging the gap between traditional finance and the evolving cryptocurrency landscape. This integration allows web3 merchants to leverage PayPal's trusted payment infrastructure, offering access to millions of users while benefiting from robust security tools. In addition to enabling direct crypto purchases, Off-Ramps empowers U.S. crypto wallet users to convert their holdings into USD within their wallets, facilitating shopping, transfers, savings, or withdrawals to bank accounts or debit cards. This move highlights PayPal's commitment to streamlining crypto transactions and enhancing web3 connectivity.

PayPal Introduces On and Off Ramps for Web3 Payments
PayPal can now be easily integrated in wallets, NFT marketplaces, and decentralized applications (dApps) in the U.S. as a seamless way for consumers to buy and sell supported crypto.

2️⃣ Grab and Circle are set to pilot a Web3 wallet within the Grab super app, introducing a novel way for users in Singapore to interact with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This Grab Web3 Wallet will enable users to convert vouchers into NFTs, offering them the opportunity to earn rewards and collectibles. The initial phase of this pilot program is scheduled to coincide with the Singapore Grand Prix on September 17, showcasing the potential for Web3 integration within everyday services like ride-hailing, food delivery, and digital payment apps. This initiative represents a significant step toward bringing the benefits of blockchain and NFTs to a broader user base.

Superapp Grab, Stablecoin Issuer Circle to Start Web3 Wallets Trial in Singapore
The Grab Web3 Wallet will be available to users of the ride hailing, food delivery and digital payments app to use vouchers in non-fungible token (NFT) form and earn rewards.

3️⃣ LayerZero, the cross-chain messaging protocol, has forged a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to bolster its infrastructure capabilities. In this collaboration, Google Cloud assumes the role of the default Oracle provider for LayerZero. This means that all decentralized applications (dApps) operating on LayerZero will have seamless access to Google Cloud's transaction verification services for cross-chain transactions. Importantly, dApp developers on LayerZero retain the flexibility to opt for alternative Oracle providers if they so choose. Oracles serve as a critical component of blockchain infrastructure, facilitating the connection between blockchains and external systems while facilitating the transmission of real-world data to and from blockchain networks.

Google Cloud is LayerZero’s new default oracle operator
A total of 15 different blockchains will be able to rely on Google Cloud oracles for cross-chain interoperability.

1️⃣ Safe has achieved a significant milestone by seamlessly integrating with Polygon's zkEVM, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum powered by zero-knowledge proofs. This integration extends Safe's robust smart accounts infrastructure to the highly scalable zkEVM chain on Ethereum layer-2. It encompasses both Safe{Wallet}, a widely adopted tool used by web3 teams to oversee on-chain treasuries, and the comprehensive Safe{Core} account abstraction framework. These integrated solutions are now fully operational, providing users and developers with the capability to engage, transact, manage assets, and innovate within the Polygon zkEVM ecosystem. This development marks a significant advancement in the adoption of secure and efficient smart contract solutions on Ethereum layer-2 through Polygon's zkEVM technology.

Safe deploys on Polygon zkEVM: L2 Scaling with Smart Accounts
Safe has successfully integrated with Polygon zkEVM, bringing Safe’s battle-tested smart accounts infrastructure to the infinitely scalable, zk-powered Ethereum L2 chain.

2️⃣ EigenLabs, the creator of the EigenLayer re-staking protocol, is gearing up to introduce EigenDA, an innovative solution aimed at minimizing data storage expenses associated with Layer 2 Ethereum rollups. The launch of EigenDA is anticipated to occur before the conclusion of 2023. This development holds the potential to address one of the key cost-related challenges within the Layer 2 ecosystem, further enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of Ethereum's scalability solutions.

EigenLabs gears up to launch upcoming data availability solution
EigenLabs plans to unveil a system designed to reduce storage expenses for Ethereum Layer 2 rollups called EigenDA.

3️⃣ Metis, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, is on a mission to evolve into Ethereum's premier decentralized Layer 2 infrastructure. This transformation seeks to empower the community to assume control over crucial centralized elements of the network. Presently, Layer 2 networks incorporate certain centralization aspects, including dependency on single sequencers managed by the projects' teams. Sequencers are integral components of Layer 2 networks responsible for arranging and consolidating numerous off-chain transactions before transmitting them to the Ethereum blockchain. Metis aims to mitigate these centralization tendencies, ushering in a more decentralized and community-driven Layer 2 ecosystem on Ethereum.

Metis aims to become Ethereum’s first fully decentralized Layer 2 in 2023
Metis aims to become Ethereum’s first decentralized Layer 2 infrastructure this year, with its community taking over centralized elements.


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