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1️⃣ Polygon has recently introduced a new initiative called "The Value Prop". This innovative project aims to create an open and crowd-sourced database highlighting the wide range of use cases for blockchain technology. The platform serves as a valuable resource to showcase the diverse applications and benefits of utilizing blockchain in various industries. By encouraging community participation and collaboration, Polygon is fostering a deeper understanding of the potential value and transformative power of blockchain technology.

Introducing The Value Prop: The Open Database of Blockchain Use Cases
The Value Prop is a crowd-sourced and entirely open database being launched by Polygon Labs alongside the community to showcase the diverse and unique use cases that demonstrates the positive impact that blockchain applications have made across networks and throughout the world.

2️⃣ Mistral AI, an AI startup founded by former researchers from prominent tech companies Meta and Google, has successfully raised $113 million in seed funding. This significant investment has propelled the company's valuation to an impressive $260 million, a remarkable achievement within a mere two months since its launch. This development positions Mistral AI as a key player in the AI industry, equipped with substantial resources to further advance its cutting-edge technologies and expand its market presence.

AI startup by ex-Meta and Google researchers raises $113M in seed funding
With no product at hand, the company is on a hiring spree, and on the lookout for researchers, software engineers and product developers in AI.

3️⃣ ResearchHub, co-founded by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, has raised $5 million in funding led by Open Source Software Capital. The platform incentivizes scientists with ResearchCoin cryptocurrency for sharing research content. This funding marks a significant milestone for ResearchHub, highlighting the growing interest in blockchain technology within academia.

Scientists can earn crypto as Brian Armstrong startup raises $5 million
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong’s ResearchHub, which rewards scientists with cryptocurrency, has raised $5 million in a funding round.

4️⃣ Ripple partners with Colombia's central bank, Banco de la República, to explore blockchain technology use cases in the country. The collaboration aims to pilot Ripple's CBDC Platform for enhancing Colombia's high-value payment system. Discussions between Ripple and the Colombian central bank have been ongoing for over a year. Peersyst Technology, a Spanish blockchain technology firm, is involved in running the pilot. This partnership showcases the growing interest in blockchain-based solutions for CBDCs and their potential to revolutionize financial systems.

Ripple partners with Colombia central bank for blockchain use cases
Ripple is partnering with Colombia’s central bank to explore blockchain technology use cases in the South American country.

1️⃣ EigenLayer has recently completed the deployment of Stage-1 of its protocol on the Ethereum mainnet, marking a significant advancement in the platform's functionality. As a result, Ethereum stakers now have the opportunity to engage in restaking activities through EigenLayer. The protocol currently supports several assets, including stETH, rETH, and cbETH, with temporary limits imposed at 3.2k for each asset. This deployment enables Ethereum stakers to explore additional options for their staking activities and participate more actively in the network. The launch of EigenLayer on the Ethereum mainnet marks a significant milestone in its mission to create a robust environment for open innovation.

EigenLayer Stage 1 Mainnet Launch
Overview of the Guarded Launch, Protocol Security, and Governance EigenLayer restaking has been deployed on Ethereum mainnet at the following contract addresses: * StrategyManager: 0x858646372CC42E1A627fcE94aa7A7033e7CF075A * EigenPodManager: 0x91E677b07F7AF907ec9a428aafA9fc14a0d3A338 To resta…

2️⃣ The Graph, a decentralized system that facilitates indexing and querying of blockchain data, has initiated a migration process from the Ethereum network to Arbitrum, a layer 2 scaling solution. This strategic transition aims to address critical objectives such as reducing gas costs, accelerating transaction speeds, and enhancing accessibility to the protocol. By adopting Arbitrum, The Graph aims to optimize its performance and user experience, lowering barriers to its members' participation without sacrificing security.

Guest Post by crypto.news: The Graph’s migration to Arbitrum in final phase | CoinMarketCap
The Graph, a blockchain data indexing and query protocol, has started the final phase of its transition process to Arbitrum, a layer-2 scaling solution operating on Ethereum.

3️⃣ Uniswap, a leading decentralized exchange protocol, has unveiled the code draft for Uniswap v4, marking a significant milestone in its evolution. The introduction of hooks in this version allows for enhanced flexibility in decision-making processes. Notably, Uniswap v4 pools will incorporate several innovative features, including dynamic fees, on-chain limit orders, and the implementation of Time-Weighted Average Market Maker (TWAMM) mechanics. Moreover, the consolidation of v4 pools into a single contract offers cost-saving benefits for liquidity pool creation.

Our Vision for Uniswap v4
All about our vision for Uniswap v4 and why we’re building in public.


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