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1️⃣ Toy manufacturer Mattel is launching the Hot Wheels NFT Garage x Fast & Furious collection on May 22, coinciding with the release of the latest Fast & Furious film. The NFTs, hosted on the Flow Blockchain, feature cars from the movie series and will be sold as limited edition packs for $20 each. This collaboration between Mattel and the Fast & Furious franchise combines iconic toy cars with blockchain technology, offering fans and collectors a digital ownership experience.

Revving Up the NFT Market: Mattel Unveils Fast & Furious Collection - Decrypt
The latest NFT collection from the toy giant will feature cars from the blockbuster Fast & Furious movie franchise.

2️⃣ Apple has granted approval to the blockchain-based gaming platform Axie Infinity for its Origins Card game, allowing it to be downloaded through the Apple App Store in select regions. The game is now accessible on iOS devices in countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. This move marks an important development for Axie Infinity, as it expands its user base and availability on a popular mobile platform. It's worth noting that Apple implemented a revenue-sharing policy in October 2022, which involves a 30% cut for app developers generating over $1 million in revenue and a 15% cut for those with lower earnings.

Apple Gives Axie Infinity Green Light on App Store
Blockchain-based gaming platform Axie Infinity’s Origins Card game is available through the Apple App store in Latin America and Asia.

3️⃣ Sky Mavis, the parent company behind the popular play-to-earn NFT game Axie Infinity, has recently launched a new digital marketplace called Mavis Market. This platform is specifically designed for buying and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the company's native blockchain, the Ronin network. With the introduction of Mavis Market, users now have a dedicated space to engage in NFT transactions, expanding the possibilities for collectors and traders within the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

Axie Infinity Creator Sky Mavis Launches New NFT Marketplace On Its Ronin Network
Sky Mavis, the creator of the Axie Infinity NFT game, has introduced a new NFT market platform on its native blockchain, Ronin chain.

4️⃣ OpenAI's Sam Altman is reportedly close to securing $100 million in funding for his crypto project called Worldcoin. The start-up's ambitious goal is to establish a global identification system using iris scans, which would grant individuals access to a free global currency. This initiative seeks to address the challenge of financial inclusion by providing a means for individuals without traditional identification documents to participate in the global economy.

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1️⃣  Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, has recently published an insightful article titled "Don't overload Ethereum's consensus." In this piece, he emphasizes the importance of carefully considering the implementation of certain techniques within the Ethereum ecosystem. Vitalik argues that a specific subset of these techniques can introduce significant systemic risks and should therefore be discouraged and resisted.

Don’t overload Ethereum’s consensus

2️⃣ The developers of Near Protocol, a Layer 1 blockchain, are teaming up with Wormhole Bridge to collaborate on the development of light client solutions for facilitating cross-chain transfers using Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs. This partnership aims to enhance the capabilities of Near Protocol by integrating with the Wormhole bridge to enable seamless cross-chain transfers of assets.

Near and Wormhole plan light clients for a ZK Proofs-based bridge protocol
Near and Wormhole developers are collaborating on light client solutions that can support cross-chain bridge transfers.

3️⃣ Lido Finance, the leading liquid staking protocol on the Ethereum network, has successfully completed the upgrade to its version 2 (v2). This significant upgrade introduces a new feature that enables users to withdraw their staked ether from the platform at a 1:1 ratio. This enhancement provides greater flexibility and liquidity for users participating in staking activities on Lido Finance.

Lido Finance passes vote to activate withdrawals on Ethereum with v2 upgrade | Headlines | News | CoinMarketCap
The largest liquid staking protocol on Ethereum, Lido Finance, has upgraded to version 2 — a critical change that enables users to withdraw ether …

4️⃣ Three contributors from Uniswap, a prominent decentralized exchange protocol, have initiated discussions regarding a potential launch on Base, the Layer 2 blockchain platform backed by Coinbase. The proposal was put forward by three esteemed Uniswap contributory groups: she256, Michigan Blockchain, and GFX Labs. This move signifies the interest and exploration within the Uniswap community to leverage the capabilities of Layer 2 solutions, such as Base, to enhance scalability and improve transaction efficiency.

Uniswap contributors propose to launch on Coinbase Layer 2 Base
The contributors to Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange, have begun deliberations on the possibility of launching the on Base network.


Justin Drake, an Ethereum researcher, unveiled the continuation proposal of EIP-1559, known as MEV Burn. - link


Polygon announced the release of Polygon Supernets' latest test version, v0.9 - link


Solana officially launch the Private Solana Programs (PSP) which is the first ever zkLayer namely Light V3 enabling private program execution directly on Solana - link


The official date of OP Mainnet’s upgrade to Bedrock has been set: June 6, 2023 at 16:00 UTC. The upgrade will require 2-4 hours of downtime for OP Mainnet. - link


Chainlink VRF went live on Arbitrum One - link


Sui ecosystem is excited to welcome PythNetwork - a first-party oracle network - link

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