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1️⃣  The Worldcoin Protocol has successfully launched following its migration to the OP Mainnet. This significant move not only demonstrates the project's progress but also marks the highly awaited debut of its native WLD token. By transitioning to OP Mainnet, the Worldcoin Protocol aims to unlock new opportunities and enhance its capabilities. The introduction of the WLD token further enhances the protocol's functionalities, paving the way for a multitude of use cases and value-added features.

Sam Altman’s Worldcoin Protocol Launches WLD Token on Optimism Mainnet - Decrypt
Described as “a massive leap for the entire project,” the Worldcoin milestone comes with World ID expansion and global Orb deployment plans.

2️⃣ Mara, a DeFi platform focusing on Africa, has launched a testnet for its upcoming Mara Chain, an Ethereum-compatible layer 2 network using MARA tokens for fees. Developers in Nigeria and across Africa can build and test their decentralized applications on this Optimism forked chain. The initiative aims to enhance scalability and reduce transaction costs while promoting financial inclusion in the region. Valuable feedback from the testnet will shape the network's development and contribute to the evolution of decentralized finance in Africa.

Africa-Focused DeFi Platform Mara Releases Ethereum-Compatible Testnet
Developers in Nigeria and across Africa can build and test their decentralized applications on the Optimism forked Mara Chain.

3️⃣ Gnosis, a prominent sidechain to the Ethereum network, made a significant announcement on Monday regarding the launch of Gnosis Pay and Gnosis Card. These new offerings mark the pioneering creation of a decentralized payment network that seamlessly integrates with a traditional payment processor. Additionally, Gnosis Card stands out as the world's first Visa-certified consumer debit card that directly links to an on-chain self-custodial wallet. This development showcases Gnosis' commitment to advancing the intersection of decentralized finance and traditional payment systems, potentially opening up new possibilities for user-friendly and secure financial interactions in the blockchain ecosystem.

Gnosis Lets Crypto Users Make Everyday Purchases From Wallets With Visa
The crypto-based debit card will allow web3 users to use their stablecoins to pay for products in everyday life.

1️⃣ Vitalik Buterin discussed "paymasters" at EthCC in Paris on July 18. This account abstraction extension allows users to pay gas fees with the coins they are transferring. While promising, there are implementation challenges to consider, ensuring technical and security aspects are addressed for successful integration. The proposal reflects Ethereum's ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience and transaction processes.

Vitalik Buterin shares account abstraction challenges in Ethereum: EthCC
Vitalik Buterin explained how an account abstraction extension could allow applications to sponsor the transactions of their users.

2️⃣ P0x Labs, the team responsible for Manta Network, has successfully secured $25 million in a Series A funding round. Prominent investors like Polychain Capital and Qiming Venture Partners played a significant role in the funding. As part of their development, Manta Network has introduced the testnet of Manta Pacific, a layer-2 infrastructure catering to zero-knowledge (ZK) applications. This move indicates a strategic step towards advancing their ecosystem and expanding the potential of ZK technologies in the blockchain space.

Manta Network developer raises $25M in Series A, launches layer 2 for ZK apps
The Manta Network has launched the testnet for its layer-2 infrastructure, Manta Pacific, aiming to simplify app development.

3️⃣ zkSync has made a significant advancement by launching its Boojum-proof system. This upgrade brings about a transition from zkSync Era to a STARK-powered proof system, resulting in notable benefits such as reduced transaction times and lowered hardware requirements for achieving full decentralization. With Boojum now live on the mainnet, real production data is being used to generate and validate "shadow proofs." This marks a major step forward in creating a more efficient and decentralized ecosystem for zkSync.

Ethereum Scaling Solution zkSync Unveils Latest Prover Tech ‘Boojum’ - Decrypt
zkSync’s new prover plummets transaction time and the amount of expensive hardware needed for everyday users to help secure the network.


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