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1️⃣ Polygon, an Ethereum scaling solution, introduces Polygon Copilot, an AI interface powered by OpenAI's GPT-4. It assists developers in building decentralized apps (dapps) on the Polygon network. Copilot provides analytics and insights for dapp development, including wallet and transaction analysis and NFT creation. It leverages AI and deep learning to enhance the development experience on Polygon.

Polygon Introduces AI Interface Powered by ChatGPT to Aid App Developers
The artificial-intelligence interface, called Polygon Copilot, will help developers obtain analytics and insights for their applications on the Polygon blockchain.

2️⃣ SAP, the German software giant, is conducting tests with Circle's USDC stablecoin, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The purpose of these tests is to address the challenges associated with current cross-border payment systems. By exploring the use of USDC, SAP aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of cross-border transactions for its clients. This partnership demonstrates the growing interest and adoption of blockchain-based solutions in the financial industry, particularly in the realm of international payments.

SAP testing cross-border payments using Circle’s USDC stablecoin
SAP is testing Circle’s Ethereum-based USDC stablecoin for clients to tackle difficulties associated with existing cross-border payments.

3️⃣ Amazon's cloud division, AWS (Amazon Web Services), is making a significant investment of $100 million to strengthen its presence in the generative artificial intelligence market, in an effort to compete with industry leaders Microsoft and Google. As reported by Bloomberg, AWS is establishing the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center, which will serve as a platform connecting Amazon's AI and machine learning experts with clients interested in developing applications using cutting-edge generative AI technologies. Generative AI involves the use of algorithms to generate new content across various domains, including audio, code, images, texts, simulations, and videos. This strategic move by AWS demonstrates their commitment to exploring and capitalizing on the potential of generative AI, aiming to offer innovative solutions to clients and solidify their position in the AI market.

Amazon to invest $100M in generative AI center: Report
Amazon’s AWS is building a $100 million generative AI center to catch up with Microsoft and Google.

1️⃣ Optimism, a Layer 2 network for scaling Ethereum apps with Optimistic Rollups, has rebranded to OP Mainnet. This change reflects their goal of building a network of interconnected Layer 2 blockchains, forming a comprehensive "superchain" ecosystem. OP Mainnet aims to address Ethereum's scalability challenges and enhance user experience. The rebranding aligns with Optimism's commitment to advancing Ethereum's scalability through innovative Layer 2 solutions.

Optimism changes name to OP Mainnet in line with ‘superchain’ vision
The Optimism team said the name change reflects its objective to create a “superchain” network of many Layer 2 blockchains.

2️⃣ Algorand implemented a protocol upgrade aimed at improving the efficiency and speed of application development on its proof-of-stake blockchain network. By reducing the block time from 3.8 seconds to 3.3 seconds, Algorand achieved the largest percentage decrease in block time among existing blockchains. This upgrade highlights Algorand's commitment to remaining competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape, where blockchain platforms are continuously introducing enhancements to attract developers.

Algorand Cuts Block Time After New Upgrade
The protocol upgrade includes several improvements intended to make application development faster and more cost-efficient.

3️⃣ Zora, an NFT minting platform, recently introduced its Layer 2 (L2) network to address the issue of high usage costs. The Zora Network, which is constructed using OP Stack technology, operates independently from Zora itself. By leveraging this network, Zora asserts that the minting of NFTs can now be achieved at a significantly reduced cost, amounting to less than $0.5 per transaction.

NFT Creation Platform Zora Launches Creator-Focused Layer 2
Zora Network aims to make minting on its platform “faster, cheaper and more enjoyable,” according to a press release.


Ethereum has reached another milestone, with over 23.5 million ETH deposited for staking. - link


Polygon suggested an upgrade to zkEVM Validium for their PoS, aiming to improve both security and performance. - link

BNB Chain

The number of code commitments in BNB's sub-ecosystem experienced a significant rise in recent days. This increase can be attributed to the introduction of opBNB. - link


Offchain Labs released Arbitrum Orbit DevNet docs and portal. - link


Optimism announced RetroPGF Round 3. - link


Sui foundation announced Sui Education Grant. - link

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