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1️⃣  The Hong Kong government has established a task force chaired by Financial Secretary Paul Chan to promote Web3 development. The task force includes 15 non-official members from relevant sectors, along with key government officials and financial regulators. With an allocation of HK$50 million ($6.4 million) announced in February, the government aims to support the growth of the Web3 ecosystem. This task force will coordinate efforts, foster collaboration, and formulate strategies to leverage Web3 technology in Hong Kong's digital landscape, enhancing innovation and competitiveness.

Hong Kong Sets Up Task Force for Web3 Development
Hong Kong wants to be a Web3 hub , Financial Secretary Paul Chan said.

2️⃣ Mastercard has introduced the Multi Token Network (MTN), a suite of fundamental capabilities aimed at enhancing the security, scalability, and interoperability of transactions within digital asset and blockchain ecosystems. The launch of MTN will facilitate more efficient payment and commerce applications. By leveraging these foundational features, Mastercard aims to address the challenges associated with digital assets and blockchain technology, providing a robust infrastructure for seamless and secure transactions.

Mastercard announces Multi Token Network (MTN) to scale and secure blockchain technology
Mastercard announced today the launch of the Multi Token Network (MTN), a set of foundational capabilities designed to make transactions within digital asset and blockchain ecosystems secure, scalable, and interoperable – ultimately enabling more efficient payment and commerce applications.

3️⃣ Polygon Labs has announced the appointment of Marc Boiron as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a newly created role within the company. Boiron, who previously served as the Chief Legal Officer, joined Polygon Labs in August last year from dYdX, a prominent DeFi protocol. With his extensive experience and contributions to the company, Boiron is considered the ideal candidate for the CEO position. Throughout his tenure, he has played a pivotal role in shaping Polygon Labs' strategy and demonstrating effective leadership in managing multiple departments.

Polygon Labs names new CEO after previously ditching that role
Polygon Labs has promoted its chief legal officer Marc Boiron to chief executive officer in a newly recreated role.

1️⃣ The Uniswap Foundation has disclosed a preliminary timeline for the release of Uniswap's version 4 (v4) protocol. The launch schedule is contingent upon the successful execution of Ethereum's Cancun upgrade, which is anticipated to take place by the end of September. Following the upgrade, a comprehensive audit process will be conducted before the release of Uniswap v4. This timeline emphasizes the Foundation's commitment to ensuring a secure and reliable protocol deployment, prioritizing thorough testing and validation to safeguard user assets and maintain the platform's integrity.

Uniswap v4 expected to go live after Ethereum’s Cancun upgrade and security audit
The Uniswap Foundation indicated a launch projection, contingent on Ethereum’s Cancun upgrade and an audit process.

2️⃣ SSV.Network, a staking infrastructure provider, has outlined its mainnet launch roadmap, encompassing four distinct phases: pre-launch, limited launch, launch, and permissionless launch. The roadmap sets the commencement of the initial phase for the early second quarter of 2023, indicating the network's progressive development. As the roadmap unfolds, subsequent phases will be executed, culminating in a fully permissionless release by the fourth quarter of 2023. This structured approach reflects SSV.Network's commitment to ensuring a methodical and secure deployment, allowing for gradual testing and refinement before reaching a fully open and decentralized state.

Unveiling the ssv.network Mainnet | ssv.network
Mainnet has arrived! Learn all about the ssv.network rollout plan and each phase that will need to happen to get to mainnet

3️⃣ MakerDAO, a prominent lending protocol, has revealed its plans to broaden the scope of its Spark Protocol to encompass multiple blockchain networks. This expansion is aimed at extending the protocol's support beyond its existing domain. To facilitate the deployment of Spark Protocol on specific blockchain networks, MakerDAO has outlined a comprehensive set of steps and procedures. The protocol, which centers around lending activities with DAI as the primary cryptocurrency asset, was initially introduced by MakerDAO in May. By expanding its compatibility to various chains, MakerDAO aims to enhance accessibility and provide a wider range of lending opportunities within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

Guest Post by TokenInsight: MakerDAO’s Spark Protocol Going Multi-Chain | CoinMarketCap
MakerDAO’s Spark Protocol Going Multi-Chain


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