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1️⃣ Shanghai has unveiled a comprehensive action plan to advance blockchain technology in the city until 2025. This includes enhancing system security, cryptographic algorithms, blockchain-specific processors, smart contracts, cross-chain capabilities, storage solutions, privacy computing, and regulations. The city also aims to develop zero-knowledge proofs and improve its efficiency, emphasizing Shanghai's commitment to blockchain and Web3 innovation.

Shanghai publishes blockchain plan to support trade, metaverse, government affairs
Shanghai municipal government today released an action plan that aims to achieve blockchain breakthroughs by 2025.

2️⃣ Walmart has announced its plans to retail the Pudgy Penguins NFT toy collection across its 2000 stores in the United States. These NFT toys will be available at prices ranging from $2.99 to $11.97 each. Additionally, each Pudgy toy purchase will include access to the multiplayer digital social platform known as Pudgy World, which is built on the Ethereum Layer 2 network zkSync Era. This partnership signifies a notable step towards the integration of physical retail and the emerging NFT space.

NFT Brand Pudgy Penguins Debuts Toy Collection in 2,000 Walmart Stores
Each toy provides access to Pudgy World, a multiplayer digital social experience, which could help improve visibility and users of the Pudgy Penguin brand.

3️⃣ Tottenham Hotspur, a prominent English Premier League team, is poised to embrace blockchain technology by introducing its own Web3 fan token. This initiative is geared towards enhancing supporter engagement and providing rewards to fans. The fan token will be issued through Socios.com, a fan engagement platform based on the Chiliz blockchain. Socios.com has already established partnerships with more than 80 major sporting teams across various sports globally, underlining the growing adoption of blockchain technology in the sports industry. This move by Tottenham Hotspur represents their commitment to leveraging Web3 innovations to connect with their fan base in innovative ways.

Tottenham Hotspur taps Chiliz blockchain for Web3 fan token
Premier League team Tottenham Hotspur will launch its own fan token on Socios that operates on the Chiliz blockchain.

1️⃣ Blocknative, a blockchain data startup with a focus on Ethereum, has made the decision to suspend its MEV-Boost Relay and the associated Ethereum Block Builders. This decision follows extensive internal deliberation and consultation with the company's Board of Directors. The suspension is scheduled to take effect on September 27, and users will have access to the Relay Data API for data downloads until October 4. Importantly, Blocknative assures that this action will not disrupt the operations of Validators, Builders, Searchers, or other network functions. This move reflects the company's strategic adjustments in response to evolving market dynamics within the blockchain space.

Blocknative suspending MEV-Boost Relay to focus on ‘economically viable opportunities’
Blockchain data startup Blocknative said Tuesday that it will suspend its MEV-Boost Relay and associated Ethereum Block Builders.

2️⃣ ConsenSys L2 network Linea unveiled the introduction of the Soul-Bound Token (SBT) named Voyage XP on September 28th. Voyage XP stands as a non-transferable Soul-Bound Token, serving as a representation of the contributions made by every community participant towards the growth and advancement of the ecosystem. This encompasses contributions from users, startups, DApps, as well as Linea's own team members. Notably, Voyage XP is inherently visible within MetaMask, yet it carries the characteristic of being non-transferable. Furthermore, it is tethered to the user's address and lacks the capability to be relocated to other networks. This design encapsulates Linea's strategy for fostering a robust and tightly-knit community within its ecosystem.

Linea Voyage XP: A Token of Gratitude for Contributing to Linea’s Growth
The Voyage XPs are non-transferrable SBTs that will be distributed to recognize the community’s extraordinary contribution toward the growth of the Linea ecosystem.

3️⃣ Chainstack, a web3 infrastructure provider, reports that Ethereum dominates in the U.S., while BNB Chain leads in Europe and Asia. Across the board, full nodes are favored over archive nodes, with Asia displaying an overwhelming preference of 99.5% for full nodes. These regional disparities highlight the need for adaptable infrastructure to cater to the diverse demands of web3 developers.

Ethereum dominates developer activity in US; BNB Chain in Europe, Asia
Ethereum dominates developer activity across the U.S., while BNB Chain leads in Europe and Asia, according to Chainstack.


Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin proposes to ‘enshrine’ Ethereum. - link

BNB Chain

BNB Chain’s opBNB continues to impress with its low gas fee of less than $0.005. - link


The Arbitrum Foundation has partnered with the protocol studio Fracton Ventures to launch Arbitrum Japan. - link


Optimism is initiating the process to establish a Security Council. - link


Base developers are now able to build cross-chain applications with Chainlink’s CCIB. - link


Aptos and Thala launched a $1-million fund to foster new DeFi protocols. - link


Sui has reached $36.66M in TVL – a new all-time high since Mainnet's launch in May. - link

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