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1️⃣ Adidas, a prominent figure in sportswear and lifestyle, has initiated collaborations with artists, focusing on NFT releases and other product ventures. This strategic partnership is set to commence during Korea Blockchain Week, marking a significant move in the intersection of fashion, art, and blockchain technology.

Adidas Creates Residency for NFT Artists With Plans for Physical Collabs - Decrypt
Sportswear and lifestyle giant Adidas is partnering with artists on NFT drops and other products, kicking off during Korea Blockchain Week.

2️⃣ Lufthansa, a major airline conglomerate in Europe, has introduced its nonfungible token (NFT) loyalty initiative on the Polygon Network. This innovative program enables travelers to transform their flights into NFTs, granting access to various rewards, including mileage points and vouchers for business lounges. This strategic move showcases the integration of blockchain technology into the aviation industry, creating new avenues for passenger engagement and loyalty.

Lufthansa airline launches NFT loyalty program on Polygon
Lufthansa Group expressed its interest and plans about integrating Web3 technologies into its airline business earlier in 2023.

3️⃣ Nexo, a decentralized lending platform based in Bulgaria, has introduced a novel cryptocurrency-enabled debit and credit Mastercard tailored for residents within the European Economic Area (EEA). This strategic move signifies the integration of blockchain technology with traditional financial services, offering EEA citizens convenient access to their cryptocurrency assets for everyday transactions. The introduction of such a payment solution further highlights the ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between the crypto space and mainstream financial systems, potentially fostering broader adoption of digital assets.

Nexo launches crypto Mastercard for EEA citizens
Custodied assets are reportedly insured by Ledger and Bakkt.

1️⃣ Polygon, a prominent blockchain platform, has introduced a groundbreaking 'Chain Development Kit' specifically designed for networks empowered by Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology on the Ethereum ecosystem. This innovative toolkit grants developers the capability to construct personalized blockchain networks, which can seamlessly interconnect through a ZK-based bridge, effectively creating a unified "Value Layer." This strategic move showcases Polygon's commitment to fostering the expansion of the blockchain landscape by providing developers with the tools to craft intricate and interconnected blockchain solutions.

Polygon Releases ‘Chain Development Kit’ for ZK-Powered Networks on Ethereum
The new software toolkit will allow developers to build their own customizable chains, and connect to each other through a ZK-powered bridge to form a “Value Layer.”

2️⃣ Offchain Labs, a notable player in the blockchain development arena, has unveiled an innovative tool known as Arbitrum Stylus. This cutting-edge tool is engineered to facilitate smart contract development across various programming languages, including Rust, C, and C++, on Arbitrum's Layer 2 network. This expansion supplements the already established use of the Solidity programming language. By introducing this capability, Offchain Labs is demonstrating a commitment to enhancing the accessibility and versatility of smart contract development within the blockchain realm.

Offchain Labs introduces Arbitrum Stylus to expand language support for Ethereum Layer 2 dapps
Offchain Labs introduced a technical implementation called Arbitrum Stylus to support smart contract development in multiple languages.

3️⃣ PancakeSwap, a prominent player in the decentralized exchange landscape and currently positioned as the second-largest, has taken a strategic step by launching on Base, an Ethereum layer 2 scaling network incubated by Coinbase. This move reflects PancakeSwap's commitment to expanding its presence across multiple blockchain networks. With this integration, PancakeSwap extends its accessibility to a total of eight blockchain networks.

PancakeSwap expands to Coinbase-incubated Ethereum layer 2 Base
PancakeSwap has launched on Base — the Coinbase-incubated Ethereum layer 2 scaling network — as it continues its multichain expansion.


Ethereum’s Sepolia testnet has been used by Swift for tokenization experiments.- link

BNB Chain

BNBChain featured the latest onboarding projects. - link


Avalanche Labs partners with The Block on Tokenization of Off-Chain Assets (OCA) Report. - link


Optimism partnered with Circle to bring native $USDC to OP Mainnet. -link


The Arbitrum Sepolia testnet is now live, making onchain testing more accessible for developers. - link


Sui reached 5M Active Accounts from 3M in just 14 days - link

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