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1️⃣ Deutsche Telekom, a leading telecom company, has joined Polygon as a validator, showcasing its support for the Ethereum Layer-2 scaling platform. This move signifies Deutsche Telekom's expanding involvement in blockchain technology and its recognition of Polygon's ecosystem. The telecom giant's participation enhances Polygon's credibility and highlights the growing adoption of blockchain in the telecommunications sector.

Deutsche Telekom announces support for Polygon Blockchain infrastructure
Deutsche Telekom provides staking and validation services for the Polygon network and Supernets.

2️⃣ Nike's NFT platform, .Swoosh, is set to achieve a significant milestone in its quest for broader adoption among mainstream gamers. Integrating with EA Sports games, the platform paves the way for virtual representations of Nike's footwear and apparel to enter the gaming realm. This strategic collaboration between .Swoosh and EA Sports demonstrate the growing convergence between the world of cryptocurrencies and popular gaming experiences. The incorporation of branded digital assets within these games introduces a new dimension of customization and virtual fashion, enriching the immersive gaming environment for players.

Nike NFTs to make their way into EA Sports games and its millions of fans
Nike’s NFT platform .Swoosh will be integrated with games from EA Sports in the coming months, as the global sporting giant continues its foray into Web3.

3️⃣ PancakeSwap, the Binance Smart Chain DEX, launched Pancake Protectors, a GameFi project supported by Mobox. Players can use the native token, Cake, to accelerate upgrades, recruit heroes, and earn resources through staking. This integration expands PancakeSwap's ecosystem into gaming, combining DeFi and gaming elements to enhance user engagement and tap into the growing GameFi trend.

Pancake Protectors is here! Discover the power of CAKE and perks for Pancake Squads and Bunnies
Embark on a tower defense adventure, reap seasonal rewards, and rise to heroic heights

1️⃣  OP Labs is introducing OP Stack Mods, modifications or enhancements to the OP Stack created by members of the Optimism and Ethereum communities. These mods are being highlighted for community feedback. Celestia Labs has developed an experimental mod focusing on the data availability (DA) layer of the stack, making it more modular. This separates the DA layer from the ordering layer, leveraging the recent Bedrock release. OP Labs invites community participation in shaping the future of the OP Stack through feedback and collaboration.

Community-Driven Development: Introducing OP Stack Mods
OP Labs is excited to start highlighting OP Stack Mods, modifications or improvements to the OP Stack created by members of the Optimism and Ethereum communities, for community feedback.

2️⃣ bdresser has proposed a Foundation Mission (RFP) to implement a zero-knowledge proof that can verify Optimism's fault-proof program using an instruction set architecture supported by the Golang compiler. This initiative aims to enhance the security and reliability of Optimism's protocol by integrating zero-knowledge proofs into its framework. By leveraging the Golang compiler's capabilities, the proposed solution aims to provide a robust and efficient mechanism for proving the correctness of Optimism's fault-proof program.

RFP: OP Stack Zero Knowledge Proof · Issue #61 · ethereum-optimism/ecosystem-contributions
Foundation Mission (RFP) – OP Stack Zero Knowledge Proof To take on this project, submit a proposal to this thread by June 28. Read more about Missions here. S4 Intent: Technical Decentralization F…

3️⃣ Kakarot, a modular zkEVM project based on CairoVM, has completed its Pre-Seed funding round with support from notable backers including Vitalik Buterin, StarkWare, and Node Guardians' CEO Sam Benyakoub. The project's roadmap outlines three phases: integration as an EVM within Starknet Layer 2 (Phase 1), collaboration with Madara for L3 zkEVMs (Phase 2), and the combination of Kakarot and Madara for type 1 zkEVM functionality (Phase 3). This funding and roadmap demonstrate Kakarot's commitment to advancing blockchain technology and delivering innovative solutions.

Kakarot zkEVM Receives Pre-Seed Investment from Vitalik Buterin and StarkWare
Seed funding was provided by Starkware, Vitalik Buterin, and others to the startup Kakarot Labs, which develops a zkEVM on top of CairoVM.


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