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1️⃣  Axelar, a cross-chain protocol, has partnered with tech giant Microsoft to facilitate the connection between public and private blockchains. This collaboration marks a notable milestone, as Axelar becomes the first cross-chain protocol to be featured on Microsoft's Azure marketplace, an essential hub for developers in the tech industry. Through this integration, the alliance aims to bolster interoperability and foster seamless communication between different blockchain networks, potentially unlocking new possibilities and use cases in the decentralized ecosystem.

Axelar partners with Microsoft for hybrid blockchain solutions
Through the collaboration, Axelar will be the first cross-chain protocol to join Microsoft’s Azure marketplace.

2️⃣ Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency and digital identification initiative, has achieved a significant milestone with over two million users registering for its "global identity protocol," known as World ID. As of July 13, the World ID project, currently in beta testing, has surpassed the two million user mark in an impressive timeframe, achieving this milestone in less than half the time it took to reach the first million users. This rapid adoption and interest in World ID underscore the growing importance and demand for secure and decentralized digital identity solutions in the cryptocurrency space.

Sam Altman’s Worldcoin passes 2M sign-ups after months of touring
Worldcoin’s identity verification project “World ID” has eclipsed 2 million users after the firm staged a global tour, which saw more than 40,000 new sign-ups each week.

3️⃣ cLabs, the primary developer responsible for the Celo blockchain, has put forth a proposal to shift its network architecture from Layer 1 to Layer 2, constructed on the Ethereum platform. This strategic move aims to utilize the OP Stack provided by Optimism to facilitate the migration process and fulfill the specific needs of the Celo blockchain. By transitioning to a Layer 2 solution on Ethereum, cLabs intends to enhance the scalability, efficiency, and overall performance of its blockchain network.

A16z-backed cLabs submits plan for Celo to transition into Ethereum Layer 2
cLabs, the core developer behind the Celo blockchain, has proposed migrating from Layer 1 to Layer 2 solution on Ethereum to improve security guarantees.

1️⃣ Safe, formerly known as Gnosis Safe, has recently integrated support for "ERC-4337," a notable Ethereum feature enabling account abstraction. Account abstraction empowers wallets to operate as smart contracts and implement sophisticated functionalities. By incorporating this feature, Safe enhances its capabilities, enabling users to perform more advanced operations and interactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Safe wallet adds ‘ERC-4337’ to boost account abstraction features
Safe, formerly Gnosis Safe, has added support for “ERC-4337,” an Ethereum feature facilitating account abstraction.

2️⃣ ConsenSys has launched its layer-2 network, Linea, on the main Ethereum network. This marks a significant step towards enhancing Ethereum's scalability and accessibility. With Linea and other zkEVM projects, Ethereum aims to overcome its high fees and accommodate a wider range of users and use cases. Rollup networks like Linea offer lower transaction costs and improved scalability, making Ethereum more practical for mass adoption. As layer-2 solutions gain traction, Ethereum's potential as a widely adopted blockchain platform becomes more feasible, fostering greater participation in the decentralized economy.

MetaMask Developer ConsenSys Brings Layer 2 Blockchain ‘Linea’ to Ethereum Mainnet
The rollup chain from ConsenSys, known as a zkEVM, joins a growing field of projects aiming to expand access to Ethereum using zero-knowledge cryptography.

3️⃣ In a blog post on July 13, Coinbase's Base mainnet development team announced that the network is now open for builders. This move is aimed at facilitating user onboarding and giving developers more time to explore and build on the network before its public launch. The team has scheduled the public launch of Base for August, signaling its commitment to further advancing and expanding the network's capabilities. This strategic approach allows for a smoother transition and ensures a robust ecosystem as Base prepares to welcome users and builders to its platform.

Coinbase’s Base launches mainnet for builders, will onboard users in August
The new network features an “OptimismPortal” that can be used to bridge from Ethereum mainnet, but UI for this bridge will not be available until the public launch.


Number of active validators reached 655k, churn limit increased to 10 activations/exits per epoch. - link


Polygon Labs teases Polygon 2.0, proposing POL token. - link

BNB Chain

BNB's Hackvolution is offcially commenced on July 13 and last until to September 1. - link


Projected total user savings since bedrock migration reached $1 million - link


The 1st phase of the Arbitrum Ambassador Program is live. - link


It was chosen by Legitimatetech to launch an NFT sneaker collection that grants owners access to exclusive music content. - link


Sui took less than 70 days after Mainnet launch to achieve 1M active addresses. - link


Aptos and Pyth team up to deliver sub-second oracle updates - link

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