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1️⃣ Immutable and Weracle have partnered to scale the tower defense game EF Defense. Weracle's crypto game will utilize Immutable's Ethereum Virtual Machine rollup, zkEVM, which offers low-cost, scalable, and secure Ethereum smart contract compatibility. This collaboration aims to enhance the gameplay experience and address scalability challenges in the gaming industry.

Immutable teams with tower defense game devs hoping for web3 hit
Devs behind Endless Frontier mobile game partner with web3 gaming company Immutable.

2️⃣ Google Play made a significant policy update, granting developers the ability to integrate digital assets, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), into their applications and games available on the platform. This move represents a notable step towards embracing the growing trend of NFTs in the mobile app and gaming industry. Developers can now leverage this opportunity to offer innovative and unique experiences to users, potentially unlocking new possibilities for app monetization and user engagement.

Google Play Changes Policy on Tokenized Digital Assets, Allowing NFTs in Apps and Games
The company is opening up the ability for developers to let users buy, sell or earn digital assets in apps as long as they maintain transparency and adhere to other rules.

3️⃣ Ducati, the renowned motorcycle manufacturer based in Bologna, has made an exciting entry into the digital collectibles space by unveiling its inaugural digital collectible on the XRP Ledger. This unique digital collectible will showcase a captivating video sequence featuring Ducati logos displayed on motorcycle tanks produced by the company since its inception in 1946.

Ducati announces first digital collectible on XRP Ledger
The Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer’s digital collectible will consist of a video sequence of Ducati logos on tanks of motorcycles.

1️⃣ CLabs, the developer behind Celo blockchain, received overwhelming support for its proposal to transition Celo from an independent layer-1 blockchain to an Ethereum layer-2 solution. Out of the 131 votes, 128 were in favor, two against, and one abstained. This decision signifies a significant move towards leveraging Ethereum's layer-2 infrastructure to enhance scalability and integration with the broader Ethereum ecosystem.

Celo Proposal to Migrate to Ethereum Layer 2 Passes
The change seeks to simplify liquidity sharing between Celo and Ethereum while boosting security.

2️⃣ Eco Inc., the team responsible for the decentralized currency project Eco Protocol, recently introduced a crypto wallet called Beam. This wallet brings a novel capability to users by facilitating payments on Ethereum Layer 2 networks, specifically Optimism and Coinbase's Base. Beam is equipped with advanced features, including account abstraction (EIP-4884), which allows the wallet to operate as smart contracts, enabling support for various sophisticated functionalities like multi-factor authentication and wallet social recovery. This innovative addition to the Web3 ecosystem offers users enhanced flexibility and security in their transactions on Layer 2 networks.

a16z-backed Eco unveils Beam, a P2P crypto transfer service aiming to be a ‘global Venmo’ | TechCrunch
Beam has its access keys sharded into three places: one’s Twitter account, a password they set up and their browser, any two of which can reconstruct the original key.

3️⃣ PancakeSwap, the decentralized exchange (DEX) that was originally launched on the BNB Chain, has now expanded its operations to the zkSync Era Network. This expansion marks a significant milestone for PancakeSwap, as it becomes available on a total of five blockchains. The move aligns with PancakeSwap's strategic vision to reach a broader user base and boost protocol revenue. By expanding to zkSync Era Network, PancakeSwap aims to tap into the growing interest in Layer 2 solutions and cater to users seeking efficient and cost-effective transactions.

PancakeSwap Expands to zkSync Era Network
The DEX, initially launched on BNB Chain, is now available on five blockchains.


Ethereum's Etherscan upgraded its Input Data Messages with a feature to view all transactions with detected messages. - link


Polygon welcomes Palm Network to rollout Polygon-based Supernets chain. - link

BNB Chain

BNB Chain Q2 report stated that the rise in verified smart contracts highlights the demand for security, reliability, and scalability. - link


Optimism released the Law of Chains v0.1, aiming to lay the foundation for the transition to a superchain. - link


Arbitrum One has hit a record of 10 million unique addresses. - link


The Avalanche Foundation will use up to $50 million to purchase assets tokenized on the Avalanche blockchain. - link


The number of active addresses on Sui has doubled in the past few weeks reaching 2 million addresses.- link

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