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1️⃣ San Francisco-based game publisher nWay, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands gaming company, is making strides in the Web3 gaming industry by introducing a new video game that incorporates Yuga Labs' renowned intellectual property, including the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club. In a strategic agreement with Yuga Labs, nWay gains access not only to the Bored Apes IP but also to Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Bored Ape Kennel Club, and Otherside Kodas. This move is aimed at capturing the attention of gamers and leveraging the appeal of these well-established IPs to create an enticing and engaging gaming experience within the Web3 space.

Bored Apes and Animoca Brands cross paths with crypto fighting game
Yuga Labs licensing IP to Animoca Brands’ game developer is one more example of crypto companies trying to expand the reach of their brand.

2️⃣ The privacy-preserving protocol zkPass has recently accomplished an impressive milestone by securing $2.5 million in a successful seed funding round. Notable investors participating in the funding round include industry-leading entities like Binance Labs, Sequoia China, OKX Ventures, dao5, SIG DT Investments (a Susquehanna International Group company), Cypher Capital, Leland Ventures, and Blockchain Founders Fund. This substantial financial support signifies the growing recognition and confidence in zkPass's potential to deliver innovative solutions in privacy protection within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Binance Labs, Sequoia China and others invest $2.5 million in zkPass
The idea behind zkPass is to use its privacy preserving technology to create concepts like decentralized identity passes.

1️⃣ Coinbase, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has unveiled the launch of its cross-chain bridge named Base. The bridge is scheduled to be accessible to the public on August 9th, aligning with the commencement of the Onchain Summer event. Notably, the Base's Total Value Bridged (TVB) currently amounts to an impressive $87.94 million US dollars. This significant TVB reflects the strong interest and adoption of the cross-chain bridge, showcasing its potential to facilitate seamless asset transfers and interoperability across different blockchain networks.

Onchain Summer
Get onchain this summer to join a multi-week celebration of art, culture, gaming, community, and more.New mints happening daily August 9th - 31st.Base is open for everyone; come bask in the Onchain Summer sun.

2️⃣ Trader Joe, the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) native to the Avalanche blockchain, has made a significant announcement regarding the introduction of on-chain limit orders. This innovative feature empowers traders by allowing them to establish automated buy or sell orders that execute directly on the blockchain. One notable advantage of this functionality is that it enables transactions without incurring any additional fees or impacting market prices. With the implementation of on-chain limit orders, traders gain the ability to deploy various trading strategies, including arbitrage capture, grid trading, and pool orders, thus enhancing their trading capabilities and overall experience on the platform. This advancement marks a notable step forward for Trader Joe, positioning it to further solidify its status as a prominent player in the rapidly expanding world of decentralized finance on the Avalanche network.

Guest Post by Trader Joe: Trader Joe: On-Chain Limit Orders | CoinMarketCap
Trader Joe: On-Chain Limit Orders

3️⃣ BNB Chain Developer revealed that opBNB mainnet is set to launch in mid-August 2023. Initially accessible to infrastructure providers, it will open to the public by the end of August or early September. Rigorous testing covering usability, performance, transaction costs, and security precedes the official launch, ensuring a robust and reliable platform for Web3 applications. Expectations are high for opBNB's contribution to the Web3 ecosystem's acceleration and advancement.

opBNB: From Testnet to Mainnet
After months of meticulous development and testing, opBNB is ready to soar to new heights, providing users with unprecedented speed, security, and scalability.


Ethereum Mainnet celebrates 8th Anniversary with more than 2.05 billion Total Transactions - link.

BNB Chain

Binance Labs announced  four leading Projects from the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Program - link.


OP Labs released a new NPM package that simplifies fee estimation for wallets & other frontend utilities - link


OffChain labs announced BOLD, enabling fully permissionless validation of Arbitrum chains. - link


Avalanche Blockchain usage grew 2x in the second quarter - link


Sui’s latest Mainnet release adds key support for liquid staking apps - link.

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