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1️⃣ PayPal has expanded its range of cryptocurrency options by introducing a new digital asset named PayPal USD (PYUSD). In a noteworthy development, the online payment platform has become the first major financial institution in the United States to launch its own stablecoin, which is backed by the U.S. dollar. This stablecoin, PayPal USD, is backed by 100% U.S. dollar deposits, ensuring its value remains closely tied to the U.S. dollar.

PayPal is diving deeper into crypto by launching its own stablecoin—what investors should know
PayPal is now the first U.S. financial firm to launch its own stablecoin. Here’s what to know about the dollar-pegged digital token.

2️⃣  Visa has initiated trials aimed at simplifying the payment of Ethereum gas fees, recognizing that the current procedure is intricate for a broader audience. This step underscores the company's acknowledgment of the complexity associated with gas fees in the Ethereum ecosystem and its effort to potentially streamline this process for wider adoption.

Visa Tests Way to Make Paying Ethereum Gas Fees Easier
The process is too complex for the masses, the company said.

3️⃣ Aptos is strategically harnessing the infrastructure provided by Microsoft to introduce innovative solutions that merge the capabilities of AI and blockchain technology. Among these offerings is the introduction of Aptos Assistant, a chatbot designed to respond to user inquiries related to the Aptos ecosystem. This virtual assistant also serves as a resource hub for developers engaged in the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications. This strategic collaboration highlights Aptos' commitment to enhancing user experience and fostering development within the blockchain realm by leveraging the capabilities of advanced technologies.

Microsoft, Aptos Labs Team Up on New Blockchain AI Tools
The price of Aptos’ token is surging on news of the collaboration.

1️⃣ DeBank, a pioneering Web3-native messenger and portfolio tracker, has revealed its groundbreaking initiative – DeBank Chain. This revolutionary venture, constructed on the ingenious OP Stack, is poised to reshape the dynamics of social interaction within the Web3 realm. Precisely engineered to address three critical facets, DeBank Chain is underpinned by robust security protocols. The eagerly anticipated Testnet debut is scheduled for August 11, with a strategic roadmap outlining the Mainnet launch in 2024. This strategic move underscores DeBank's commitment to pushing the boundaries of Web3 engagement while ensuring stringent security standards are upheld.

DeBank Unveils DeBank Chain: Pioneering the Asset Layer for Social
With Mainnet release slated for 2024, DeBank Chain focuses on reducing gas costs, providing a Web2-like experience, and ensuring the safety of Layer 1 assets.

2️⃣ a16z crypto, the cryptocurrency-focused arm of the venture firm Andreessen Horowitz, has introduced Lasso and Jolt, two innovative tools hinged on Succinct Non-interactive Arguments of Knowledge (SNARKs). SNARKs represent a form of zero-knowledge proof that holds the promise of enabling scalable ZK-rollups within the Layer 2 domain. Notably, Layer 2 solutions are often associated with significant computational demands, making SNARKs a potential game-changer in enhancing scalability and efficiency in this context.

A16z crypto introduces Lasso and Jolt to enhance zero-knowledge proofs
a16z crypto, a division of Andreessen Horowitz, has introduced two technologies, Lasso and Jolt, aimed at improving the efficiency of SNARKs.

3️⃣ In a significant milestone for a publicly traded company, Coinbase has officially launched its Base blockchain. This launch comes with the notable inclusion of over 100 dApps and service providers within the ecosystem, bolstered by seamless integrations spanning various Coinbase products.

Coinbase Officially Launches Base Blockchain in Milestone for a Public Company
The largest U.S. crypto exchange says its blockchain is the first to be launched by a publicly traded company and gives it a new revenue opportunity.


The Etherscan's similar contract search feature is updated to search across Etherscan-supported chains. - link

BNB Chain

BNBchain just underwent a hard fork to improve security and compatibility with EVM chains .- link


OP Stack was leveraged by Mode Network to launch its public testnet for their hyper-growth Layer 2. - link


Arbitrum ONE is now home to PancakeSwap. - link


Aptos onboarded 2 Million+ OnChain Users by @Chingari_IN  on Day 27 of launch. - link


Sui’s upcoming Liquidity Hackathon is launching soon. - link

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