1️⃣ On 13th April Canon USA, the American arm of the global camera and imaging leader, revealed plans to introduce an exclusive Ethereum-based NFT marketplace for photography later this year. This move marks Canon's continued foray into the realm of Web3, following a successful NFT drop in 2022.

Canon to Launch Ethereum Photo NFT Marketplace Cadabra - Decrypt
Camera and digital imaging giant Canon is pushing further into Web3 with a dedicated NFT photography platform.

2️⃣ BTG Pactual, a prominent investment bank in Brazil, has introduced the BTG Dol stablecoin, which is an asset backed by the US dollar, on the Polygon blockchain network.

Latin America’s Biggest Investment Bank Just Launched a Stablecoin on Polygon - Decrypt
Brazil’s BTG Pactual, Latin America’s largest investment bank, on Tuesday announced the launch of its BTG Dol stablecoin priced in dollars.

3️⃣ On April 13th, the renowned brand Adidas launched its highly-anticipated ALTS Dynamic NFT collection. What sets these NFTs apart is their dynamic nature, as they have the ability to change and evolve based on user activity. It's a truly innovative concept that adds a new dimension to digital art ownership.

4️⃣ a16z has recently published its latest State of Crypto report, along with a new index that highlights stable product development in a market notorious for its unpredictable price fluctuations. These valuable resources provide insights and analysis on the current state of the cryptocurrency industry, offering valuable information for investors, experts, and enthusiasts alike.

a16z unveils ‘state of crypto’ index as part of its look at the industry in 2023
The VC firm released the new index alongside its similarly named State of Crypto report, which highlights what it sees as trends shaping the blockchain sector.

1️⃣ On April 10th, Valentin Madrid, a Solana blockchain developer, proposed switching from Ed25519 to Curve25519 as the encryption standard for Solana key pairs. Curve25519 is widely used for key exchange, while Ed25519 is commonly used for digital signatures. The proposal aims to enhance data privacy protection but acknowledges potential vulnerabilities. Further discussions and evaluations will determine Solana's encryption standards moving forward.

sRFC 00007 - Encryption Standard for Solana Keypairs
As the Solana ecosystem evolves, the need for an encryption standard for Solana key-pairs becomes increasingly important for securing sensitive data such as account state or files on distributed file systems like IPFS and Arveawe. While Ed25519 key-pairs are effective for signing messages, they are…

️2️⃣ On April 14th, Uniswap DAO passed a proposal to deploy Uniswap v3 on Polygon zkEVM, a ZK-Rollup solution for Ethereum. Uniswap v3 is already available on various chains, including Ethereum, Celo, and Binance Smart Chain. This expands its availability and offers more flexibility for users. The decision reflects DeFi's efforts to address transaction fees and network congestion while maintaining interoperability with Ethereum.

Uniswap Interface
Swap or provide liquidity on the Uniswap Protocol

3️⃣ Biconomy has recently launched the Account Abstraction (AA) SDK on Ethereum, Polygon, ZkEVM, and BNBCHAIN, with more chains to come soon. This full-stack AA SDK allows developers to easily deploy gas-efficient, 4337-compliant smart contract accounts, set up verifying paymasters on the mainnet, and start sending UserOps to bundlers via the SDK.

Overview - Biconomy SDK


On April 13th, Ethereum successfully implemented the Shapella upgrade at block height 6209536, and the functionality for validator withdrawals has now been activated. - link


Qredo has established a strategic partnership with Avalanche Spruce Testnet, wherein Qredo will serve as a key partner. This collaborative effort, in conjunction with Avalanche, aims to leverage the advantages of on-chain trade execution and settlement for a wide range of applications and digital assets. - link


Solana Foundation made an announcement on April 15th regarding the introduction of convertible grants and investments to extend support to the Solana ecosystem. Traditionally, grants have been the primary mechanism for supporting open-source non-commercial projects. However, the foundation is now expanding its support to also include providing public goods for closed-source projects within the ecosystem. - link

BNB Chain

On April 10, 2023, BNB Greenfield launched its inaugural test network called "Congo". This test network offers opportunities for developers to participate as validators, storage providers (SPs), and dApp builders. The role of the storage provider (SP) involves collaborating with the test network's verification nodes to offer comprehensive storage services. - link


Sui has recently released updates to its branding and website, introducing new ways to help developers build beyond the boundaries of what's possible. - link

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