As a Web3 developer, have you ever experienced difficulties in finding the right APIs to build and scale your dApp? Well, if yes, you’re in the right place!

NodeReal API Marketplace is an open and one-stop Web3 API platform that aims to provide the most comprehensive APIs and empower the Web3 builder community. It is a platform where you can find the most relevant API bundles that can boost your development of Web3 applications, so you do not need to reinvent the wheel. Starting from today, developers can expect the following features in NodeReal API Marketplace.

  • Call the APIs directly, no need to set up your own data indexing service.
  • Use domain-specific APIs including NFT, DeFi, Game, etc.
  • Publish and sell your APIs through the API marketplace (coming soon).

Sources of APIs

There are three categories of APIs that are released on the platform. More APIs will be published in this new marketplace.

Note: Don’t hesitate to join our discussion group if you would love to contribute your APIs and co-build Web3 API Marketplace with us! 🤝

What are Available in the Current Marketplace

NFT APIs for BNB Chain

NFT APIs are high-level APIs that aim to simplify the NFT development. We understand query and aggregate NFT APIs are complex and slow, therefore we provide the following NFT APIs to help you build your NFT applications.

If you are an NFT developer, you want to build an NFT dashboard to display the NFT details like below.

You can do it in just one API, nr_getNFTMeta, with collection contract address and token ID as parameters.

Inventory of NFT is another great example. If you want to build an NFT inventory list, to have a list of tokens of an NFT collection. The only thing you need to do is to pass the contract address of the NFT,  Token ID and your account address. It is very convenient to build Web3 applications with NFT APIs.

Here is the list of our NFT APIs in the marketplace.

  • nr_getNFTCollectionHolders
  • nr_getNFTHolders
  • nr_getNFTHoldings
  • nr_getNFTInventory
  • nr_getNFTMeta
  • nr_getTokenBalance1155
  • nr_getTokenBalance721
  • nr_getTokenMeta
  • nr_getTotalSupply1155
  • nr_getTotalSupply721

Fungible Token APIs for BNB Chain

Fungible Token APIs are used to query the metadata of tokens of ERC/BEP 20. These APIs are easy to query balance, holders, supply, etc. NodeReal will keep increasing new APIs for normal fungible tokens. The API doc of Fungible token API includes the detailed definition of each API.

A typical use case of Fungible Token APIs is to get the token balance of each holder. With the enhanced API of nr_getTokenBalance20, you can pass the token contract and wallet address to query the balance of your token. It is very easy to develop a wallet-like application to display the balance of your user's token.

Here is the list of our Fungible Token APIs in the marketplace.

  • nr_getTokenBalance20
  • nr_getTokenHolders
  • nr_getTokenHoldings
  • nr_getTokenMeta
  • nr_getTotalSupply20

Platform APIs for Platform for BNB Chain/Ethereum

Through APIs for the platform, you can query the health status of MegaNode service. It is helpful if you depend on more than one node service. For example, if you run your own service node, you have to check your node only by simply pinging your node, which is not precise and sometimes misleading. But in MegaNode, we provide a comprehensive health status checking algorithm that you can depend on.

More APIs are on the way

We are working together with the Web3 builders to introduce more and more APIs through the API marketplace in the upcoming months, stay tuned to our latest updates by joining our community!

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Join us to build your APIs

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