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NodeReal speeds up data indexing in Ethereum and BNB Chain hundreds of times.

Fei Liu
Fei Liu
CTO of Litentry

We needed and asked for a lot of customization from the NodeReal team, and found that they already had a really good tool set.

Business Development Lead at CUBE

Coin98 paves the way for sustainability and contributes to the journey of Web3 widespread adoption with the integration of NodeReal's scalable, dependable, and efficient blockchain solutions.

Vinh The Nguyen
Vinh The Nguyen
CEO & Co-Founder of Coin98


How do I get started?

To get started with NodeReal, you need to choose your preferable membership tier, click the Get Started button, sign-up, then start using our platform! We’ve also prepared a guide for you to get familiar with our system.

What is CU (Compute Unit)?

Compute Unit is a way to measure your RPC request usage on MegaNode. We provide each MegaNode user with a monthly quota of usage, and each method will consume a cost based on the resource required for execution. You can think of this as you have a balance in your account and each method has its own price.

Learn more about compute units here: https://docs.nodereal.io/docs/compute-units-cus

What is CUPS?

Compute Unit Per Second (CUPS) is a measure of the number of Compute Units (CUs) used per second when making requests. The weight of each RPC method is different, it will be more efficient than just calculating the number of requests sent in a second in different use cases.

Learn more about compute units here: https://docs.nodereal.io/docs/cups-rate-limit

Which tier is more suitable for me?

If you are an independent developer and new to the Web3 world, we would recommend our growth tier plan, which could provide you with the most powerful Web3 infrastructure solution you can get for only $39 per month.

If you are a small team, a start-up, or an SME, we would definitely suggest our Team, or Business tier, which could provide more capacity, a higher rate limit, and more advanced features.

Finally, for large teams or enterprises who need custom SLAs, 24/7 support, and other premium features, please contact us to learn more about our enterprise tier.

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