Imagine a one-stop solution where one can analyze, mint, and explore Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collections whilst being able to list across multiple marketplaces. Sounds great, right? Well with Rareboard, it's simpler than ever.

Today, we are excited to announce that NodeReal is partnering with Rareboard, to accelerate the development of its NFT Marketplace. In this article, we’d like to talk about how they actively worked on making this possible amidst the platform’s accelerated growth alongside our support, and what the future potential is.

Who is Rareboard?

Rareboard is an NFT marketplace aggregator, built for the BNB Chain. Its mission is to become the only platform where you need to have a comprehensive overview of the BNB Chain ecosystem to efficiently analyze, mint, and trade NFTs. Rareboard gives collectors precise rarity data, the hottest mints, and the best buying opportunities across multiple collections and marketplaces.

Since its launched at the end of 2021, Rareboard has been on exponential growth, both in terms of the number of users as well as the dollar value of the trades and mints.

Today, Rareboard is known as one of the most credible resources for assessing the rarity of NFTs on the BNB Chain and is currently on Binance MVB Accelerator alongside NodeReal.

Underlying Challenges Before Reraboard Uses NodeReal

Whilst Rareboard's objective seems quite clear, working exclusively on BNB Chain within NFTs comes with its challenges:

  • Inconsistent  BNB Chain NFT data, particularly regarding trending collections with volume, floor price, recent sales, and social media metrics.
  • There is no reliable NFT-drop calendar that can be depended upon to list all upcoming mints.
  • Fragmentation of marketplaces. A collector needs to know about, and trust multiple platforms to succeed - this includes, but is not subject to, the user experience gap between NFT decentralized exchange and the centralized BinanceNFT platform, as well as the separation of Metaverse, GameFi, and Collectibles.

When Rareboard started indexing, they started with public nodes. As soon as more contracts were added, it became extremely slow and rate limits were often the roadblock. Rareboard also tried other options in the market:

  • G*******.io (free version) – This was found to be 2x faster than the public node but overall, provided similar performance.
  • Q******** (cheapest paid option) - 3x faster than a public node, and more reliable with fewer timeouts but still insufficient for the scale that Rareboard was looking at achieving.

In order to overcome these challenges and deliver exactly what users want, Rareboard needed to partner with a reliable blockchain infrastructure provider that can deliver industry-leading scalability and performance to support its growing platform.

NodeReal Came to the Rescue with Industry-Leading API Service

NodeReal ticked all of these boxes and more. We truly live up to our reputation of being the #1 API provider with the fastest, most stable, and most scalable service on both RPC and Archive RPC (Check out our latest benchmarking test report to grasp more proof).

Additionally, we’ve recently launched an open and one-stop Web3 API Marketplace, supporting the most powerful NFT APIs for BNB Chain. This batch of APIs can facilitate developers and projects to query and aggregate NFT APIs in a more efficient manner.

Eventually, Rareboard chose NodeReal. By working with us, Rareboard was able to overcome many of those challenges it faced, and develop features that enable users to succeed when collecting and trading BNB Chain NFTs. This is majorly done by utilizing our BSC API to index trade transactions from a range of marketplaces, including but not limited to:

  1. Calling eth_getLogs at regular intervals.
  2. Fetching contract ABI from BSCScan and decoding the logs.
  3. Filtering out the logs that Rareboard is interested in.
  4. Using eth_getTransactionByHash + eth_getTransactionReceipt to get some additional data.

Hear it from Rareboard directly:

"Migrating our custom indexing solution at Rareboard to NodeReal was as easy as it gets. The generous block range limits in their API, combined with the fast response time allowed us to improve the speed and efficiency of our indexer tremendously. We are looking forward to using NodeReal services for more of our node needs!"

Through this partnership, both NodeReal and Rareboard are confident that it can continue to build on its rapid growth trajectory as we embark on the partnership journey.

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