As NodeReal carries on our mission to Make Web3 Real for all, our ongoing referral program is a chance for you to spread the love to your fellow web3 members who can also benefit from NodeReal's leading Node Infrastructure Services.

What is it again?

The Referral Program is open to all NodeReal registered users. You can refer your team, friends, and partners to sign up for a Paid Subscription with your personal referral link and earn benefits (up to a 2-month FREE Paid Subscription Plan).

Let's revisit our top contributors from the past months - January and February 2023

Excited enough? let's look at the terms and conditions below.

Is there any change in T&C?

The answer is simply YES. Don't worry, we include just some small changes 😉.

Terms & Conditions

In order to receive a 1-month free Paid Plan, you must have at least 5 referrals on your link. All of them send at least 100 requests per month. One of them converted into a paid user. For a 2-month free Paid Plan. you must have at least 10 referrals on your link, with all of them sending at least 100 requests per month. One of them converted into a paid user.  

To make it even more attractive, your reward is based on your converted paid user. If you manage to convert your referral with a $39 growth plan, you get a free one-month growth plan of $39. Likewise, if you convert one into a team plan of $199, you will get one month of the $199 plan for free.  

How to participate?

Step 1:  Log in to your MegaNode account:

Step 2: Receive your referral link on the page, copy it, and share it with your network.

Step 3: The referee registers MegaNode with the referral link.

We will update the referral register rank regularly, keep your eyes out on our Twitter Page.  

Go on and share the love 💜

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