Welcome to the March edition of NodeReal’s Monthly Newsletter. As always, we have exciting updates and news to share with everyone. Needless to say, March was productively busy at NodeReal.  

In this month's issue, we'll be diving into our latest updates on Products & Services, and how did we manage to contribute significantly to different ecosystems. Furthermore, you will get a chance to look back at our significant Partnership with Alibaba Cloud. On top of that, we will revisit some of the Events’ Highlights and we will also share a list of impactful Publication in March. Don't forget to stay until the end of the Newsletter for new updates on our flagship Sharing is Caring Referral Program 😉.

Excited Much? The March issue is finally here. Just right before we relish March’s Newsletter, let's take a minute to appreciate our leadership and our team members - those who have laid the foundation and relentlessly driven the growth of NodeReal.

New Pricing Plans

Becoming more flexible for your business needs so you can scale as you grow,  we now added two new price plans - Team Tier at $199 per month & Business Tier at $499 per month.

API Marketplace

From traditional Layer 1 to scaleable Layer 2 and other innovative EVM-based chains, our cutting-edge API Marketplace continues to support multi-chains. We are now powering 12 chains and making Web3 development easier than ever.

Arbitrum has been the talk of the town during March, gaining a lot of traction from the community. And with API Marketplace, NodeReal was fully ready to support Devs who wanted to build on Arbitrum with both Arbitrum Nova & Nitro services.

Becoming Sui's Validator

It is exciting to announce that NodeReal has been accepted to be a Permanent Testnet validator on SuiNetwork. Stay tuned for more updates and how we support the Sui network.

BNB & ETH & OP Stack Contribution

Hardcore Tech & Development are our core competencies, NodeReal achieved this through our proposal contribution to BNBChain, ETH Ecosystem, and OPStack Community. As a result, we aim to bring better changes that will improve user experience, lower transaction costs, and enhance the overall efficiency of the network.

For BNB Chain, we announced Erigon Support by releasing the "Planck" - the latest #BSC Hardfork on the testnet. In addition, our team also managed to publish the latest version of the state expiry proposal for BNB Chain 
For ETH, we introduced the proposal on Path-Based Storage Model and Newly Inline State Prune. With this detailed document, the community gained a better understanding of this outstanding feature. 
For OPStack, we've fixed a crucial issue that surfaced during the Optimistic Rollup migration to the #BSC ecosystem. 

Alibaba Cloud x NodeReal

Just earlier this month we already scored a significant partnership with CoCos-BCX to accelerate the Web3 Gaming Revolution. We furthered our mission to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 with a strategic partnership with Alibaba Cloud - the digital technology & intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group.

QuestN X NodeReal

A very exciting project is going to come up soon from NodeReal and QuestN. A one-stop platform for Web3 Marketing, Social & Analytic meets with A One-Stop Blockchain Infra Provider.

As usual, we have been busy most of the time. To keep up with our schedule, you can visit our Event Page. The schedule for April is now ready so you know where to catch the NodeReal team. Let's come, say 👋, and spread the #realBUIDL 💪 together.

Now let's revisit one of our most memorable highlights of March Events.

ETH Denver 🇺🇸 - The most amazing week for the Global  Web3 Community

Game Developer Conference (GDC23) 🇺🇸 - the industry's premier professional event for developers and their craft

AWS Industry Forum - Financial Service & FOMO Asia in Hong Kong 🇭🇰

BNBChain Innovation RoadShow in Paris 🇫🇷


March publication features a list of impactful articles below.

Web3 Made Easy Series (3 Episodes)

1/ Unlocking the Secrets of Digital Assets with Covalent API - link

2/ Historical Token Holder API Use Case - link

3/ Amazing Built-in composer is coming to the API marketplace! - link

Future of DeFi: The Importance of Risk Control and RegTech: In this article, we will explore the importance of risk control and RegTech and navigate the future of DeFi.

Future of DeFi: The Importance of Risk Control and RegTech
DeFi is changing finance, giving users more control but also risks. Effective risk control and RegTech are crucial for DeFi’s future. Let’s explore why.

TraderJoe: The One-Stop Platform for all things DeFi: In this article, we will look deeply into Trader Joe and answer why it is the most outstanding AMM DEX on Avalanche.

TraderJoe: The one-stop platform for all things DeFi
TraderJoe: A One-Stop Decentralize Finance platform on Avalanche, Arbitrum, and BNB Chain. A Deep-dive review by NodeReal Research Team

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