Aptos Node API

Aptos Node API

Developed by NodeReal
Aptos is the proof-of-stake Layer 1 blockchain utilizing key elements of Diem - the former Meta blockchain and Move, a Rust-based programming language developed by Meta.

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Aptos aims to build a safe, scalable, and upgradable foundation for Web3. NodeReal provides the Fastest API services and one-stop solution on Aptos and being one of the top Validators. Starting from now, the NodeReal user can create the first Aptos Mainnet/Testnet app and start using REST service on this chain.

API List (23)

By default this endpoint just checks that it can get the latest ledger info and then returns 200.
This endpoint accepts an EncodeSubmissionRequest.
The gas estimation is handled by taking the median of the last 100,000 transactions.
Retrieves high-level information about an account, such as its sequence number and authentication key.
Retrieves an individual module from a given account and at a specific ledger version.
Retrieves all account modules' bytecode for a given account at a specific ledger version.
Retrieves an individual resource from a given account and at a specific ledger version.
Retrieves all account resources for a given account and a specific ledger version.
Retrieves transactions from an account.
This endpoint allows you to get the transactions in a block and the corresponding block information.

Supported Chains & Networks